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Let Freedom Ring: Winning the War of Liberty over Liberalism

Author: Sean Hannity
Publisher: William Morrow • 2002 • 352 pages
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Let Freedom Ring

Fans of Fox News Channel’s Hannity and Colmes and ABC Radio’s Sean Hannity Show know that Sean Hannity pulls no punches! In his blockbuster book “Let Freedom Ring: Winning the War of Liberty Over Liberalism,” he comes out swinging, declaring that if the Left prevails in America, the well-being of future generations will be in peril. He proves that liberal ideas have made America more vulnerable and created confusion in our society (and among our children) about what is right and wrong — thus placing our freedom and security at risk.

September 11th, says Hannity, has thrown the errors of liberalism into sharp relief: Americans must decisively reject the Left now, or face nothing less than the final loss of our freedoms. With his trademark forthrightness and courage, he shows here why liberalism is bankrupt on a huge variety of issues: terrorism and national security, border security, the economy, taxes, liberal media bias, environmentalism, education, faith, character and the family, abortion, and more.

Hannity doesn’t just explain why the liberal take on these issues is wrong — he challenges liberal arguments head-on, exposing their fallacies and giving you clear, hard-to-refute comebacks you can use with left-wing family members and coworkers! Even better, he closely examines the careers of some of today’s leading liberal politicians — not just Clinton and Gore, but Daschle and Gephardt too — to show you how they’ve stood against what’s best for America throughout their careers. A few of Hannity’s insights:

  • The Left’s sorry record: details of how for years, it has attacked and undermined the very policies and institutions that made our country a beacon of liberty and prosperity
  • Why so many leading liberals think that the real threat to America isn’t Communism, Islamic radicalism, or terrorism — but conservatism
  • How history has proven conservatives right and liberals wrong again and again since World War II
  • Why issues like gays in the military and global warming were more important to the Clinton administration than protecting America from terrorist attack
  • Horrifying, but true: how Clinton and his gang refused five chances to obtain important information on Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda between 1996 and 2000
  • Our freedom: why it depends on more than just our constitutional restraints on government (although we must fight to preserve and restore those restraints, too!)
  • The Gore record: why every American should breathe a sigh of relief that he is not President now
  • Clinton and Reagan: what each did — and did not do — to protect the United States
  • Why the Left is so contemptuous of our military and intelligence services
  • The CIA: how liberals succeeded in hamstringing its work in tracing the activities of Islamic extremists — just when we needed it the most
  • The facts about race: how Democrats, not Republicans, have been divisive about race — repeatedly leveling false and incendiary allegations about right-wing “racism” purely for political gain
  • Six troubling questions that expose just how badly the Clinton administration bungled its illegal immigration policy — leaving us vulnerable to all kinds of attacks
  • John F. Kennedy: conservative. How Ted Kennedy, far from bearing JFK’s mantle, has discarded his brother’s commitment to a strong defense force
  • The shocking details of how Bill Clinton spent eight years gutting the military — with devastating consequences for our national security
  • Tom Daschle’s record of shame: how he voted against bill after bill designed to improve America’s defenses (starting in 1979!)
  • The Museum of Modern Leftwing Lunacy: Hannity’s revealing showcase of the outrageous attempts by liberals (including several Congressmen) to undermine the war against terrorism
  • Clinton’s moral confusion: Slick Willie’s outrageous speech blaming Islamic terrorism on the Crusades and American slavery
  • Four ways terrorists could unleash destruction on an awesome scale in our nation — and how liberals are trying to prevent us from being prepared
  • The attack on the Pledge of Allegiance: appalling details of the liberal claim that leading children in the Pledge “makes our country as bad as Osama bin Laden”
  • Gore, Lieberman, Daschle: three who voted against the proposed Constitutional amendment prohibiting flag desecration (plus Hannity’s surprising take on the implications of their votes)
  • Solid proof that spending more money on schools doesn’t raise the quality of education
  • How inner-city schools are destroying black and Hispanic children while liberals do everything they can to keep them from being able to get an education elsewhere
  • Did liberals learn their lesson after 9/11? Disquieting evidence that they haven’t (including a new set of standards for teaching history that omits all mention of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, or Ben Franklin!)
  • Why, despite their protestations to the contrary, liberals aren’t pro-choice at all, but pro-abortion — and how they let their masks slip to show that they’re not really interested in “choice” at all
  • Clinton, Gore, Gephardt and Jesse Jackson: pro-life? How each actually opposed abortion until political expediency got the better of them
  • “It’s my role in life”: NOW president Patricia Ireland’s astounding answer to Hannity’s relentless questioning on why she had to take such an extreme position on abortion
  • How misguided environmentalism keeps us from reducing our reliance on oil from the Islamic world (and how Bill Clinton actually increased our dependence on foreign oil)
  • Tax cuts: clear evidence that they work – and how Democrats have prevented Republicans from making hay with this issue
  • Cutting through left-wing spin: how liberals commonly answer uncomfortable questions by demonizing the Right (and how conservatives can put an end to their game)

What conservatives can and must do to win both the culture war and the war on terrorism — yes, it can be done!

“Sean Hannity writes with a vigor and clarity that inspires. Just start this one … you’ll soon be turning pages. Like mad.” — Rush Limbaugh

“Hannity consistently penetrates to the heart of important cultural issues, staking out positions clearly supportive of moral and traditional values. He’s continuing to articulate and bravely defend American family principles. Sean is to be commended, admired — and watched!” — Dr. James C. Dobson

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