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Deliver Us from Evil

Author: Sean Hannity
Publisher: William Morrow • 2005 • 368 pages
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Deliver Us from Evil

In the years since 9/11, says Sean Hannity, too many Americans have forgotten why we are fighting the war on terror, and what’s at stake. That’s why he has written “Deliver Us From Evil: Defeating Terrorism, Despotism and Liberalism.” This trenchant new book from one of the nation’s hottest conservative TV and radio personalities (and bestselling author of “Let Freedom Ring”) gives you Hannity’s fresh and compelling conservative perspective on the harsh lessons America has learned in confronting evil in the past and the present — in order to illuminate the course we must take now.

Tracing a direct line from Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin to Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden, Hannity reminds us that our nation’s greatest leaders didn’t try to ignore or appease totalitarianism and terror, but confronted them fearlessly. Hannity reveals how the disgraceful history of appeasement didn’t end with Neville Chamberlain or even Jimmy Carter, but lives on in some of the most influential unrepentant leftists of today’s Democratic Party — including Howard Dean, John Kerry, and Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Hannity reminds us that the war on terror must be fought not only in Iraq and Afghanistan, but at home, where patriotic Americans must confront and reject these voices of accommodation and cowardice. With delightfully passionate, hard-hitting observations and analyses, Hannity urges Americans to recognize the dangers of putting our faith in toothless “multilateralism” in these days that call instead for decisive action. A few of Sean Hannity’s insights:

  • Why it’s so difficult for liberals to see clearly on moral questions — including the moral dimensions of the war on terror
  • The war on terror: how we could end up losing it at home even while in the process of winning it abroad
  • Why the greatest threat to our resolve today in the war on terror is the strong leftward tilt and selfish opportunism of the Democratic Party
  • How Bill Clinton’s response to Islamic terrorism in the 1990s continued in the shameful tradition of appeasement of Neville Chamberlain and the liberal elitists of the Cold War — and why for Clinton and Gore to question Bush’s wartime leadership would be like Chamberlain second-guessing Churchill
  • The terrorist threat: why it’s every bit as grave as the threats we faced during World War II and the Cold War
  • James Madison: the lesson he taught that our modern politicians would do well to remember
  • The biggest mistake that today’s Democratic Party leaders make — and why, if they gain power, this mistake could destroy America itself
  • Why conservatives should make no apologies about believing that America is a superior society, not because Americans are superior beings, but because our culture was founded on recognition of God-given natural rights
  • Liberals: how they have shown a consistent, long-standing reluctance to confront the enemies of freedom around the world
  • The Democrats: how they have disgracefully continued to mock and sneer at President Bush for invoking the concepts of good and evil and the spiritual implications of the war on terror
  • Three lessons that modern politicians and policymakers would do well to learn from the Allied response to the Third Reich and the horrors of the Holocaust
  • Why today’s totalitarian states are especially ripe for collusion with terrorists
  • Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden: why it’s simply ridiculous for anyone to refuse to believe that they would join forces
  • How liberals and conservatives have different notions of what peace really means — and how these differing notions influence their views on a host of policy questions
  • Ronald Reagan: why he thought that the American policy of d?tente toward the USSR was a license for the Soviets to pursue policies of subversion, aggression, and expansionism — and how the Democrats would like to reinstitute the same disastrous policy today
  • Reagan’s prophetic warning that today’s terrorists would be wise to heed
  • Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative: how it accomplished its purpose with the Soviets even as liberal critics sneered at it at home
  • Why the fact that weapons of mass destruction have not yet been found in Iraq is no evidence whatsoever that Saddam Hussein didn’t have them
  • A preemptive strike against Saddam’s Iraq: how even Bill Clinton acknowledged its importance
  • Howard Dean: his unconscionable naivete regarding world affairs, rendering him unfit to be President
  • How John Kerry has cynically tried to have it both ways in the war on terror, appearing in various ways and at various times both to support and to oppose the President’s actions
  • Why Joe Lieberman, Wesley Clark, and others are dead wrong when they advocate ceding partial or full control in Iraq to the United Nations or NATO
  • The Muslim nation that leads all the rest in its ambitions to develop WMD’s, its support for terrorism, and its human rights abuses — it’s not Saddam’s Iraq or modern-day Iran
  • Israel: why its destruction would be not only a major strategic loss, but a knife close to the heart of Western civilization
  • Why there is every reason to believe that China will take military action to attempt to reunite Taiwan with the mainland — and how America must respond
  • Iran: why it is all-important for the United States to remain stalwart in confronting any threat of aggression from the Islamic Republic
  • North Korea: the world’s largest prison camp and an economic basket case. What America must do to keep it from unleashing misery and destruction on a global scale

Hannity concludes this much-needed book by demonstrating that only through strong defense of our freedoms, at home and around the world, can we preserve America’s security and liberty in the dangerous twenty-first century. That makes Deliver Us From Evil an essential handbook for anyone wanting to convince skeptics of the urgency of the war on terror.

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