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The 10 Big Lies About America: Combating Destructive Distortment About Our Nation

Publisher: Crown Forum • 2007 • 288 pages
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The 10 Big Lies About America: Combating Destructive Distortment About Our Nation

Have you ever wondered why so many people in this country are liberal Democrats? One main reason is that their heads have been filled with garbage — half-truths and outright lies about America that are passed off in our public schools today as gospel truth. But now there’s a remedy: in “The 10 Big Lies About America: Combating Destructive Distortment About Our Nation,” the acclaimed author and popular talk-radio host Michael Medved zeroes in on the most outrageously false and damaging fallacies that millions upon millions of Americans today believe about our country — in spite of incontrovertible evidence to the contrary.

Medved brilliantly and humorously demolishes the most pernicious pieces of America-bashing disinformation that inevitably creep into and distort current debates about the economy, race, religion in politics, the war in Iraq, and numerous other hotly contested issues. Medved shows that each of these lies — despite the fact that it is widely believed by the liberal elites and taught as absolute truth in our universities and public schools — is in reality a grotesque and propagandistic distortion of the historical record. Yet they’ve spread so far and wide that even Americans who deeply love their country can often have a complex and even tortured relationship with its past. That’s why Medved here takes on and explodes big lies and historical myths including the claim that the United States is uniquely guilty for the crime of slavery and that its immense wealth is based on stolen African labor; that the Founding Fathers intended a secular, not Christian, nation; and that Americans committed genocide against Native Americans.

Medved also turns his sharp wit and indefatigable commitment to accuracy on modern-day myths, such as the widespread assumptions that America is an imperialist nation and a constant threat to world peace; that compassionate government programs provide the best escape from poverty; and that America is in the midst of an irreversible moral decline. Myth-busting with Michael Medved:

  • Seattle’s notorious and idiotic effort to turn Thanksgiving Day into a “day of mourning” — and how it shows the deep spread of divisiveness, shame, and self- hatred in our society
  • How our supposedly soiled and shameful national heritage — and our exhaustively analyzed burden of national embarrassment and apology — now pollutes our most high- profile public debates How the tribalism and identity politics of the Sixties has become a well-established feature of our national life — and directly aided the dissemination of these myths
  • How the bitter lies about America undermine the ongoing aspirations that alone can power the United States in its continued role as a mighty engine of human betterment
  • The Blame-America crowd’s wild misrepresentation of the four most notorious military encounters between Europeans and American Indians
  • The long, hideous history of the Muslim slave trade in black Africans — far outstripping all the evils of the American slave trade
  • How the consistently ignored Muslim slave trade makes a mockery of the trendy sentimental attachment of many African Americans to an alien Islamic culture that abused their ancestors and continues to afflict their cousins
  • Three uncomfortable truths that destroy the whole chain of twisted reasoning on which rests the claim that the Founding Fathers meant to establish a secular nation, not a Christian one
  • How a candid review of our nation’s religious heritage demonstrates that it is today’s aggressive secularists, not religious conservatives, who seek radical change in the social contract
  • Why the “English Only” movement is (contrary to liberal myth) not the mean-spirited backlash against hardworking immigrants, but a simple acknowledgment of our dominant cultural connection to Britain
  • The New Deal: a shining achievement that pulled America out of the Great Depression? Hardly: in truth, it shows the same results as other attempts to use the brute force of the federal government to provide economic advancement to the less fortunate
  • The case for privatizing the welfare system: how faith- based and private aid organizations — not the government — can best discern the difference between “deserving” and “self-destructive” poor
  • How the idea that America today is an imperialist warmonger badly misstates our history, distorts our present policies, and insults the memory of our fighting men Is the two-party system broken?
  • Why the old argument that party bosses — and the two-party system itself — stymie insurgent or issues-driven campaigns no longer applies to reality
  • How the reduced cost of most goods and services today helps to explain the apparent contradiction between undeniable improvements in living standards and misleading statistics (beloved by liberal alarmists) that show falling household income in recent years America as the liberator of the world: how this vision animated the Republic and its policies long before the globe-spanning wars of the twentieth century
  • The liberal media: always eager to emphasize anti- American news and indulge in a destructive and dishonest effort to portray America’s poor, working-class and minority citizens as locked in permanent misery — despite mountains of undeniable evidence to the contrary
  • Proven false: the endlessly repeated charge that Americans today are working longer hours for less pay
  • How the countercultural explosion of the Sixties led directly to the era of Reaganism
  • Multiculturalism: how it has failed wherever it has been tried
  • Why Ronald Reagan’s call for an “informed patriotism” needs to be heard, and heeded, now more than ever
  • Are you tired of hearing our country denigrated by know-it-all windbags — who then recommend drastically flawed policies to correct these supposed historical ‘evils’?

A nation without pride in its past won’t feel confidence in its future — but “The 10 Big Lies About America” gives you the ammunition you need to fire back with dead-on accuracy the next time somebody tries to pawn off these baseless and cancerous falsehoods. Here at last is a refreshing reminder that as Americans we have every right to feel blessed, not burdened, by our heritage.

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