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POLL: Which Is A Bigger Threat To America, Russia or Fake News? See Trump’s Tweet!

Which is a bigger threat to America: Russia or the fake news media? See Pres. Trump's combative tweet and vote[...]

POLL: Was Trump’s Summit With Russia’s Vladimir Putin A Success?

Was Pres. Trump's summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland a diplomatic success? Vote in our CBC reader[...]

POLL: Should Biased FBI Agent Peter Strzok Go To Prison?

FBI Agent Peter Strzok testified before Congress today about his anti-Trump texts and possible bias in the Mueller investigation. Should[...]

POLL: Do You Approve Of Trump SCOTUS Nominee Brett Kavanaugh?

Pres. Trump announced his replacement for Justice Anthony Kennedy -- Judge Brett Kavanaugh! Do you approve? Vote in our CBC[...]

POLL: Should The Statue of Liberty Climber Be Imprisoned?

On July 4th, anti-ICE protester Therese Oukoumou climbed onto the Statue of Liberty, shutting down the island for hours as[...]

POLL: Should Trump Nominate Sen. Mike Lee To The Supreme Court?

With Justice Anthony Kennedy set to retire, one big name on Pres. Trump's shortlist to replace him is Sen. Mike[...]

POLL: Who Should Trump Replace Justice Anthony Kennedy With?

Justice Anthony Kennedy is stepping down after 30 years on the Supreme Court! Who should be Pres. Trump's 2nd SCOTUS[...]

POLL: Do You Agree With The Supreme Court Ruling On The Travel Ban?

The Supreme Court has upheld Pres. Trump's ban on travel from several dangerous majority-Muslim countries. Do you agree with their[...]

POLL: Should Illegal Immigrants Be Tried Or Deported Immediately?

Should illegal immigrants receive a trial, or should they be deported immediately? Vote in our CBC reader poll!

POLL: Should ABC Axe The Barr-Less “Roseanne” Spinoff?

With the "Roseanne" reboot cancelled, ABC has let the cast come back on spinoff "The Conners" -- without Roseanne Barr![...]

POLL: Do You Agree With Trump Ending The Family Separation Policy?

Do you agree with Pres. Trump's new executive order ending the family separation policy? Vote in our CBC reader poll!

Should Children of Illegal Immigrants Be Separated From Their Parents at the Border?

With 250 children being separated from their parents everyday at the border, should customs and border control separate parents and[...]

POLL: Was Biased FBI Agent Peter Strzok Soft On Hillary Clinton?

After damning text messages were revealed by the IG report, do you think Peter Strzok, the FBI agent who headed[...]

POLL: Was Pres. Trump’s Summit With Kim Jong-un A Success?

Was Pres. Trump's summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un a success? Vote in our CBC reader poll!

POLL: Should Weed Legalization Be Left To The States? See What Trump Said!

Should marijuana legalization be left to the states, ending the federal ban? See what Pres. Trump had to say and[...]

POLL: Is Staying In The Locker Room For The Anthem As Insulting As Kneeling?

Pres. Trump has disinvited the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles from the White House, saying that staying in the locker[...]

POLL: Can Pres. Donald Trump Pardon Himself?

Does Pres. Donald Trump have the constitutional power to pardon himself? Vote now in our CBC reader poll!

POLL: Was ABC Wrong To Cancel “Roseanne” Over Barr’s Tweets?

Was ABC right or wrong to cancel "Roseanne" after titular star Roseanne Barr went on a racially charged Twitter rampage?[...]

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