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POLL: Should Pres. Trump Still Hold His Summit With North Korea?

Pres. Trump originally planned and then called off his summit with North Korea and Kim Jong-un, before declaring it to[...]

POLL: Do You Approve Of The NFL’s New Anthem Policy?

NFL ownership has ratified a new policy for the national anthem -- players must stand OR stay in the locker[...]

POLL: Should The DOJ Investigate FBI Espionage Against Trump’s Presidential Campaign?

Should the Dept. of Justice investigate "Spygate" -- the FBI's alleged espionage against Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign? Vote now!

POLL: Should Teachers Be Armed In Schools?

Should teachers be armed in schools? Pres. Trump supports the idea -- do you? Vote in our CBC reader poll!

POLL: Do You Approve Of US Embassy In Israel Being Located In Jerusalem?

The US embassy in Israel has been moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, which has been recognized as Israel's capital.[...]

POLL: Are The Democrats Funding Stormy Daniels’ Legal Team?

Do you think the Democrats are funding Stormy Daniels' legal team, including attorney Michael Avenatti? Vote in our CBC reader[...]

POLL: Should Rudy Giuliani Be Kicked Off Trump’s Legal Team?

After his bizarre, gaffe-laden interview with Sean Hannity, should Rudy Giuliani be kicked off Trump's legal team? Vote now in[...]

POLL: Should Pres. Trump Attend Sen. John McCain’s Funeral?

As his battle with brain cancer continues, Sen. John McCain made headlines when it became known that he didn't want[...]

POLL: Should The Illegal Migrant Caravan Be Allowed Into America?

A large caravan of illegal migrants from Central America and Mexico is making its way towards the border. Should they[...]

POLL: Should The White House Correspondents Dinner Be Cancelled?

After another round of controversy, hould the White House Correspondents Dinner be cancelled going forward? Vote now in our CBC[...]

Should Trump Win Nobel Peace Prize For Ending The Korean War?

Obama won a Nobel Peace Prize for nothing; should Pres. Trump win a Nobel Peace Prize for helping to end[...]

POLL: Will Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Betray Pres. Trump?

Will Trump personal lawyer Michael Cohen betray Pres. Trump to get out of his sticky legal situation with the FBI?[...]

POLL: Should Pres. Trump Withdraw From The Iran Nuclear Deal?

Should Pres. Trump withdraw from the controversial nuclear weapons/energy deal with Iran? Vote now in our CBC reader poll!

POLL: Dems Are Suing Trump’s Campaign! Should The Case Be Thrown Out?

The Democratic Party has filed a lawsuit against the Trump campaign and Russia because they lost 2016! Should the case[...]

POLL: Did Neil Gorsuch Betray Pres. Trump On Immigration?

Did Neil Gorsuch betray Pres. Trump by casting the deciding vote with liberals on the Supreme Court in a recent[...]

Poll: Should Pres. Trump Throw Phony James Comey In Jail?

Should Pres. Trump have Phony James Comey prosecuted and imprisoned for his lies? Vote in our CBC reader poll!

POLL: Is James Comey Lying About Pres. Trump In His New Book?

James Comey is back from the political dead to attack Pres. Trump in his upcoming book "A Higher Loyalty." Is[...]

POLL: Is Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Censoring Conservatives?

Is Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg censoring conservative websites, pages, and readers? Do they purposefully boost left-wing content? Vote in our reader[...]

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