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Should Trump Fire Mueller After The Raid On Michael Cohen’s Office?

Should Pres. Trump fire Robert Mueller after the brazen, unprecedented raid on the office of Michael Cohen, Trump's personal lawyer?[...]

POLL: Should America Attack Syria For Using Chemical Weapons On Civilians?

Should America attack Syria as a response to despot Bashar al-Assad's latest chemical weapons strike against civilians? Vote now!

POLL: Should Trump Send Troops To Our Border To Stop The Migrant Caravan?

Should Pres. Trump send the military to protect our southern border from the illegal Central American migrant caravan? Vote now!

POLL: Is there a hell?

According to CNS News, Pope Francis stated in a recent interview that there was no such this as a hell. [...]

POLL: Should the federal government break up the Amazon monopoly?

According to Axios, President Donald Trump wants to break up Amazon due to its monopolist practices against small businesses.  It's[...]

POLL: Is Stormy Daniels Lying About Pres. Trump? Vote Now!

Was former porn star Stormy Daniels lying about Pres. Trump and her involvement with him in her 60 Minutes interview?[...]

POLL: Should Trump Veto The Congressional Spending Bill?

Pres. Trump is considering vetoing the Congressional spending bill over DACA and the border wall. Should he veto the spending[...]

POLL: Who’d Win A Fight Between Pres. Trump and Joe Biden?

Who would win a fight between former Vice Pres. Joe Biden and Pres. Donald Trump? See what they said and[...]

POLL: Do You Stand With The Pences Against John Oliver?

Do you stand with the Pence family against John Oliver's disgusting liberal bias? Vote in our CBC reader poll!

POLL: Should Pres. Trump Fire Robert Mueller?

Should Pres. Trump fire Robert Mueller after Mueller illegally obtained thousands of Trump transition team emails? Vote in our CBC[...]

POLL: Should Drug Dealers Be Executed?

Pres. Trump is reportedly including the death penalty for drug dealers in his opioid crisis plan. Should drug dealers be[...]

POLL: Does America Need A Military “Space Force”?

Pres. Trump made headlines with his "Space Force" proposal. Do you think America needs a military "Space Force"? Vote in[...]

POLL: Should Kids Stay In School Rather Than Protesting Guns?

Students nationwide are walking out of their classrooms over guns. Should kids stay in school rather than protesting guns? Vote[...]

POLL: Was Trump Right To Fire Sec. State Rex Tillerson?

Pres. Trump announced that Sec. of State Rex Tillerson has been fired. Was Trump right to fire Rex Tillerson? Vote[...]

POLL: Should Elizabeth Warren Have To Take A DNA Test?

Should Elizabeth Warren take a DNA test to prove she's Pocahontas? Vote in our CBC reader poll!

POLL: Do You Support Pres. Trump’s Tariffs?

Do you approve of Pres. Trump's new tariffs on steel, aluminum, and other goods? Vote now in our CBC reader[...]

POLL: Should Pres. Trump Meet With Kim Jong-un?

Pres. Trump made diplomatic shockwaves by announcing his intent to meet North Korean despot Kim Jong-un. Should he meet with[...]

POLL: Should California Be Punished For Flouting Immigration Laws?

The DOJ is challenging 3 California laws that impede the proper enforcement of federal immigration policy. Should California be punished?[...]

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