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See What Bill O’Reilly Said About CNN!

See what Bill O'Reilly said about CNN!

See Pres. Trump’s Latest Attack On Jeff Sessions!

See why Pres. Trump is still on the warpath against his own Attorney General, Jeff Sessions!

Do We Need To Bring Back Mental Institutions? See What Trump Said

Are mental institutions the cure for mass shootings? See what Pres. Trump had to say!

Watch Dana Loesch Destroy The Broward County Sheriff’s Office

Watch NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch destroy the Broward County Sheriff's Office for their complete dereliction of duty!

Is Trump Right About Violent Video Games?

Is Trump right about videogames? See what he said!

Should Teachers Carry Guns? See What Trump Said

Should teachers concealed-carry guns in schools? See Pres. Trump's plan to stop mass shootings!

See Why Trump Slammed Obama and Jeff Sessions

See why Pres. Trump is calling out Jeff Sessions and the Obama administration on Twitter!

Who Is The Russia Probe Protecting? See What Rush Limbaugh Said!

Who is being protected by Robert Mueller's Russia probe? See what Rush Limbaugh had to say!

Watch Tucker Carlson Destroy Liberal Gun Control Arguments

Watch Tucker Carlson destroy liberal gun control arguments!

Watch Pres. Trump’s Comments On The Stoneman Douglas School Shooting

Watch Pres. Trump's address on the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting!

See What Trump Said About DACA and Democrats!

See what Pres. Trump said about DACA and the Democrats!

Watch Newt Gingrich Explain Why Hillary Belongs Behind Bars

"On both the protect Hillary side and the get Trump side, it is the most extraordinary example of the deep[...]

“When Republicans Are In Power, There Is No Conservative Party”

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) made a provacative statement on the Senate floor last evening when the government shutdown vote was[...]

“So today we praise God for how truly blessed we are to be American.”

Donald Trump spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast this morning and reminded America how truly blessed America is. See the[...]

“If We Don’t Change Immigration Laws, A Shutdown Is Worth It.”

President is suggesting a federal government shut down if our immigration laws are not changed. Listen to the video below[...]

Watch What Mark Levin Said About Hillary and the FISA Memo

Watch Mark Levin explain how Hillary Clinton and the FBI colluded with Russia!

See What Trump Tweeted About Dems And DACA!

"March 5th is rapidly approaching and the Democrats are doing nothing about DACA. They Resist, Blame, Complain and Obstruct -[...]

Watch Trump Honor MS-13 Victims In State of the Union Speech

"For decades, open borders have allowed drugs and gangs to pour into our most vulnerable communities. They have allowed millions[...]

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