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The 5 Best Conservative Summer Reads of 2018

Looking for one last conservative book to read before summer comes to a close? Take 5 - check out our[...]

Episode #29 – Ann Coulter Interview: Her Report Card on Donald Trump and Illegal Immigration, the Liberal “Resistance”, and Skewering Michael Cohen

Firebrand Ann Coulter is back! In our exclusive interview, she discusses her new book, gives her report card on how President Trump […]

CBC Endorsement Video – Guess Who’s a Conservative Book Club Member?

So guess which conservatives are also members of the Conservative Book Club? Check out this fun video conservative authors, notable[...]

Hear What Ann Coulter Said About Pres. Trump And The Wall!

Listen to Ann Coulter talk about the migrant caravan, the border wall, and Pres. Trump -- and her profanity-laden screaming[...]

Watch Delta Airlines Get Grounded By Ann Coulter’s TWEETSTORM

"Delta employee questionaire: What is your ideal job? Prison guard? Animal handler? Stasi policeman? All of the above? HIRED!"

Is Not Building The Wall Equivalent To A Government Shutdown? See What Ann Coulter Said

"Not having a wall is the definition of a government shutdown. The basic purpose of government is to keep us[...]

Liberal Fascists Burn Conservative Books At Berkeley!

After driving Ann Coulter away, will liberal fascists at Berkeley move on to burning her books? See the cartoon to[...]

Berkeley Cancelled Ann Coulter’s Speech. Here’s What She Had To Say

"It is anarchy when you are only enforcing the law in order to allow liberals to speak. I mean, they[...]

Should Trump Take Action In Syria?

"We need a little me time. We need to save America before we do anything for the rest of the[...]

Check Out Trump TV’s Fall Lineup!

Have you heard the news about Trump TV? Check out this fall lineup preview, starring Laura Ingraham, Ben Carson, and[...]

Were Liberal Celebs Unfair To Ann Coulter At The Rob Lowe Roast?

"It's nice to be at a celebrity shindig that isn't a Clinton fundraiser" -- Ann Coulter

Who Should Moderate The Presidential Debates?

Who do you think should moderate the presidential debates? Vote now in our CBC member poll!

Ann Coulter Goes All-In For Trump and Leads Bestseller List

Once again, Ann Coulter has proven she knows how to sell books rocketing to the top of the Conservative Bestseller[...]

Are #NeverTrump Supporters Just DC Elites?

"Trump probably isn't going to carry Manhattan and the suburbs of Washington D.C., that's the #NeverTrump movement." -- Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter’s Bombshell New Book “In Trump We Trust” To Be Released in August

Ann Coulter will write an unapologetic defense of the 2016 presidential campaign of Donald Trump, claiming that Trump has "captured[...]

You Won’t Believe What Ann Coulter Said About Trump and Paul Ryan

"I think it shows that Trump is being unbelievably gracious, he doesn’t need to have this meeting. The people are[...]

Who Needs Those Liberal Books? See What Ann Coulter Said

Who needs all those liberal books? Ann Coulter sure doesn't -- see her message to CBC readers!

The Top 10 CBC Quotes of All Time

The Conservative Book Club offers daily conservative quotes — we’ve compiled the ten best quotes we’ve ever featured. See our […]

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