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Who Should Be Trump’s Attorney General?

Who should be Trump's attorney general: Rudy Giuliani or Chris Christie? Vote now in our CBC reader poll!

Who Was The Best GOP Convention Speaker?

Who was the best speaker at the Republican National Convention? Make your pick by voting in our CBC member poll!

Top 10 Conservative Republican National Convention Authors

The Republican National Convention is here! From locking Hillary up to making America great again, America's premier conservatives are giving[...]

Chris Christie Calls Out GOP Loyalty Pledge Hypocrisy

"Now, those very same people who made us sign the loyalty pledge are now saying, well, maybe we shouldn't follow[...]

Which GOP Candidates Should Drop Out Of The Race?

The GOP primary season has already begun. Which candidates do you think should drop out of the race?

Who Will Win The GOP New Hampshire Primary?

Sen. Ted Cruz has won the Iowa caucus -- but who's going to win the GOP New Hampshire primary on[...]

The Top 10 CBC Quotes of All Time

The Conservative Book Club offers daily conservative quotes — we’ve compiled the ten best quotes we’ve ever featured. See our […]

You Won’t Believe What Chris Christie Said About Marco Rubio!

"He can’t name one thing he’s done in the United States Senate of consequence — except sponsor the amnesty bill,[...]

Who Will Win The 8th GOP Debate?

On Feb. 6th, ABC will air the 8th GOP debate, live from New Hampshire (the primary is on Feb. 9th).[...]

Who Will Win The Iowa Caucus?

Who will win the GOP Iowa caucus? Will it be frontrunner Donald Trump -- or can a candidate who is[...]

Top 5 Takeaways Of The 7th GOP Debate

Last night, Fox News hosted the 7th GOP debate. Donald Trump opted out, Sen. Rand Paul came back, and there[...]

Who Won The 7th GOP Debate?

Last night, the 7th GOP debate was held -- the last one before the Iowa primary on Feb. 1, 2016.[...]

Who Will Win The Seventh GOP Debate?

Fox News is hosting the 7th GOP debate on January 28th, 2016 -- the last debate to be held before[...]

Which Candidate Won The 6th GOP Debate?

On January 14th, seven GOP candidates took the stage for the 6th primary debate, hosted by the Fox Business Channel.[...]

Who’s Going To Win The Next GOP Debate?

On January 14th, the top six GOP candidates will participate in the sixth GOP primary debate. Which candidate do you[...]

The 5th GOP Debate: The Winners, The Losers

Last night was the 5th GOP presidential debate, and for the first time we clearly saw who will be in […]

Why Are Democrats Allowing Lawlessness In America?

"They're [Democrats] not standing behind our police officers in this country. They're allowing lawlessness to reign in this country." --[...]

Christie Wants To Track People Who Have Visas

"We need to have a system that tracks you from the moment you come in and then when your time[...]

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