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Iran News

Is Iran The Root Of All Evil In The Middle East? See The Cartoon!

See how Iran is the root of all of the Middle East's woes in Michael Ramirez's latest cartoon!

POLL: Should Pres. Trump Withdraw From The Iran Nuclear Deal?

Should Pres. Trump withdraw from the controversial nuclear weapons/energy deal with Iran? Vote now in our CBC reader poll!

Should America Leave The Iran Deal?

Pres. Trump is mulling a withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal. Should he do it? Vote in our CBC reader[...]

Who Would Win A Nuclear Football Game: America or Iran?

Who would win a game of nuclear football: America or Iran? See the cartoon to find out!

The Super Bowl Commercial Obama Wouldn’t Want You To See

How are Iranian ICBMs and North Korean nukes related to the Super Bowl? See the Super Bowl commercial that Obama[...]

Iran Has American Sailors In Custody — Why Is Obama In Denial?

" He refused to acknowledge the very real challenges facing this country with Iran. He didn't say a word about[...]

Trump: We Backed Iran By Making A Terrible Deal!

"Iran has been backed by us. You know why -- you know how Iran has been backed by us? Because[...]

Trump Says The Iran Deal May Force America To Fight Israel

""And nobody is ever to explain it that if somebody attacks Iran, we have to come to their defense. And[...]

Trump Slams Kerry, Calls Him A “Schmuck”

“This is our chief negotiator. He’s walking in and they’re [Iran] looking at him thinking what a schmuck.” — Donald […]

LOL! I’m Sure A Website Will Solve Iran, Barry

I'm sure this website will work just as well as the last one. It's not as if the mullahs are[...]

LOL! How to Make a Deal with John Kerry

And unlike Obama's lies on healthcare, I'm sure John Kerry is telling the truth when he says Iran will keep[...]

LOL! This Video Shows Iran’s True Attitude Towards Israel

LOL! That video hits Iranian attitudes to Israel right on the head! They totally wouldn't use nukes on Israel! Those[...]

CBC Members Say No To Nuclear Deal With Iran

CBC members stand firm against the proposed nuclear deal with Iran and the concessions it would afford to their radical[...]

Soon To Be Author, Sen. Ted Cruz, Interviewed on MSNBC About Iran & 2016

Sen. Ted Cruz interviewed on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" discussing Iran & 2016, and has a heated exchange with Mika Bzezinski!

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