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ARTICLE: CNN: Breaking News, or Faking News?!

Is CNN breaking news — or is it faking news? See the cartoon for more!


ARTICLE: Cartoon: Can Obama Spare Change For The Hopeless?

Obama says he’s an agent of change, but the hopeless, unemployed people of America are asking: can he spare some


ARTICLE: Trump Stars In Remake Of Hitchcock’s “The Birds!”

Trump could star in a remake of Hitchcock’s “The Birds”! See how in the cartoon!


ARTICLE: Dems and Obamacare Made America Sick Again!

Dems are whining about the Obamacare repeal, but aren’t they the ones who made America sick again with Obamacare in

Obama Hate2

ARTICLE: Obama’s Real Legacy on Israel

On his way out the door, President Obama was able to again offend Israel in its shameless collaboration with the


ARTICLE: Check Out This Trumped-Up Christmas Tree!

Love Trump and the Christmas season? Check out this Trumped-up Christmas tree!


ARTICLE: Have You Heard “The 12 Days of Clinton”?

This Christmas, a new carol is sweeping the nation — “The 12 Days of Clinton”! To learn the lyrics for


ARTICLE: See How ISIS Wants To Stop “Peace On Earth” This Christmas

With a truck-based terrorist attack in Berlin yesterday, the forces of jihad showed they’d stop at nothing to prevent peace


ARTICLE: Cartoon: Was Santa Hacked By Russia?

Was Santa hacked by Russia? You won’t believe the latest loser liberal tantrum!

193426_image (1)

ARTICLE: Where’s The Outrage For Aleppo?

While the media goes hysterical over Russian hacking, Russian bombs are still ravaging the Syrian city of Aleppo. Where’s the

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