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VIP BONUS Episode – “One Last Thing” with Brian Kilmeade Discussing His Most Memorable Moments on “Fox & Friends”

In our “One Last Thing” with Brian Kilmeade bonus VIP episode, learn about the most memorable moments of Brian Kilmeade’s time co-hosting Fox & Friends – the No. 1 cable news morning show in the country.  you won’t believe which moments and interviews were his most memorable!

Did you know that President Trump has two portraits hanging in the Oval Office — George Washington and Andrew Jackson.  Jackson is, and has always been, a controversial figure.  The Fox & Friends’ co-host, Brian Kilmeade — author of the new edition of Andrew Jackson and the Miracle of New Orleans: The Battle That Shaped America’s Destiny, discusses his successful history book series, how Donald Trump is a modern Jacksonian, and his success on Fox News!

Learn how Andrew Jackson saved the country in the War of 1812 and became a household name who would change the course of American history.

OUR GUEST AUTHOR – Brian Kilmeade

  • Brian Kilmeade is best known for being the host of Fox News’ smash Fox and Friends (a favorite of Pres. Trump.) What listeners may not know is that Kilmeade started his career at Fox in 1997 as a sports reporter.
  • Prior to working at Fox News, Kilmeade was a TV anchor at stations in New York and Ontario, Canada!
  • Kilmeade is the author of three bestselling “pop history” books: George Washington’s Secret SixThomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates, and his most recent book, Andrew Jackson and the Battle of New Orleans.
  • This is Kilmeade’s fourth interview with the Conservative Book Club — check out our Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates interviews with Kilmeade HERE and HERE.

BOOK OVERVIEW – Andrew Jackson and the Battle of New Orleans

  • When the British fought the United States in the War of 1812, they focused on New Orleans as a key point of riverine and maritime commerce, hoping to seize the city and cripple the young country economically. What they did not count on was Andrew Jackson.
  • The Battle of New Orleans, fought after the signing of the Treaty of Ghent ending the war, saw Andrew Jackson make his name as a war hero and future national political figure. Marshaling the same populist instincts that won him the Presidency years later, Jackson brought together common citizens, overcame their divisions, and beat back the British invasion force.



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