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100 People Who Are Screwing Up America (and Al Franken Is #37)

Publisher: Harper • 2005 • 352 pages
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100 People Who Are Screwing Up America

Our big problem in America, says Bernard Goldberg, is that we have become too tolerant: over the years, we’ve grown wonderfully broad-minded and accepting of things we should detest — like foul language in public — and close-minded about things we should revere — like standards of public decency that everyone used to accept. “A slow poison is running through the veins of this great country,” Goldberg observes, “and our tolerance of crap is just one small part of it. Because the stuff that comes out of the television and radio is only the most obvious evidence of how far south things have gone.” In “100 People Who Are Screwing Up America (and Al Franken is #37),” Goldberg (author of the #1 NY Times bestseller, “Bias”) fearlessly and hilariously identifies the people, famous and not-so-famous, who he believes are most responsible for our society’s decline.

Among Bernard Goldberg’s targets are:

  • Hollywood blowhards who think they’re smart just because they’re famous — and compare Bush to Hitler while thinking that bloody dictators like Fidel Castro are cool
  • Culture elite hypocrites — like the Beverly Hills environmentalist-to-the-stars who screams at total strangers for driving SUV’s but doesn’t think twice about tooling around the country in a private jet
  • The congresswoman who thinks hurricane names are too lily white and thinks we need more hurricanes with “black names”
  • TV “journalists” who are so cynical and jaded that they have no idea how damaging their shameless bias, political posturing and cheap exploitation are to our country
  • America Bashers who told us, just days after 9/11, that the American flag stands for intimidation, censorship, violence, bigotry, sexism, and homophobia — that is, when it isn’t standing for jingoism, vengeance and war
  • Learned pundits who fight back tears over so-called American atrocities in Iraq and yet never seem to cry over the genuine atrocities that are commonplace in the Islamic world
  • The intellectual thugs at some of our best universities who make rules about what you can and cannot say at school
  • The well-dressed corporate crooks who cook the books and steal the futures of their own employees — because ten or twenty million a year isn’t enough
  • The trial lawyers who file frivolous lawsuits that would be laughable (if they weren’t emptying our pocketbooks)
  • Liberal pols and pundits who just keep getting angrier and think they’re not only smarter, but better than everyone else — especially those hopelessly dumb and pathetically religious folks who live in “Red States”

And specifically:

  • Ward Churchill: the crackpot left-wing professor who compared the 9/11 victims to Nazi Adolf Eichmann — and met requests that he apologize with increasing hostility and paranoia about infringement of his “academic freedom”
  • New York Times columnist Frank Rich: his absurd exaggerations of the Abu Ghraib prison scandals that show just how stupid he thinks most Americans are
  • Rick and Kathy Hilton (Paris Hilton’s parents): if they gave Nobel Prizes for the mom and dad who raised the most vapid, empty-headed, inane, hollow, vain, tasteless, self-centered useless twerp in the entire country (and maybe the world), they’d be on their way to Stockholm to pick up their medal
  • Barbra Streisand: so desperate to smear George W. Bush, she used a fake Shakespeare quote taken from the Internet to do it
  • The celebrity couple who named their baby after a murdering thug who had become the darling of Manhattan literary society
  • Aaron McGruder: creator of Michael Moore’s favorite comic strip, “The Boondocks,” which spreads far-left paranoia and hatred in America’s funny papers every day
  • Mass murder for diversity? The actor/director who fumed on 9/11: “Why New York? New York more than any other city in the world encourages diversity of faith”— as if Osama bin Laden were an outraged multiculturalist
  • Randall Robinson: the Harvard Law grad who is trying to cast black Americans as perpetual victims by demanding that they be paid reparations for slavery
  • The celebrity who said that to see a “gay naked man or woman burning the flag” made her “heart swell . . . I get choked up with pride”
  • Oliver Stone: the much-lionized Lefty filmmaker who plays fast and loose with the facts, distorting reality in an unscrupulous and heavy-handed way, and then claims the end result is real, authentic history
  • Howard Stern: epitome of our cultural degeneration, and of the pollution and sludge that runs through our culture today
  • Eminem: the rap artist who gives depravity a bad name— in a genre that is almost totally degenerate to begin with
  • The TV interviewer who specializes in fawning celebrity interviews (in which one ditzy pop star/whore intoned that masturbation was “sacred”) but still has a reputation as a serious journalist
  • Howard Dean: how the Democratic Party’s angry new National Chairman has helped legitimize a legion of wild-eyed, paranoid Leftist fanatics
  • Al Sharpton: he’s got charisma and a way with words— as well as a moral blind spot, and racist paranoia, and a talent for murderous incitement
  • Jesse Jackson: a walking illustration of the truth of Booker T. Washington’s statement that some people “do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs”
  • The blowhard filmmaker who declared that America “is known for bringing sadness and misery to places around the globe” and lamented that the 9/11 hijackers hit a “Blue State” instead of a Red one — and who is revered as a hero on the Left

Goldberg is no down-the-line conservative, and you are certain to disagree with some of his choices and rankings — and probably also with his often salty language. Nevertheless, “100 People Who Are Screwing Up America (and Al Franken is #37)” is a rollicking and revealing look at 100 of the most egregious obstacles on the path of our nation’s return to glory.

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