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Arrogance: Rescuing America from the Media Elite

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing • 2003 • 310 pages
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Former CBS News journalist Bernard Goldberg’s controversial book Bias removed any lingering doubt that the mainstream media is deeply, irredeemably tilted toward the Left. Now he follows up that bestseller with an even more scorching expos? of the real aims and views of the media’s most powerful figures. “Arrogance: Rescuing America from the Media Elite” goes far beyond simply identifying bias. In it, Goldberg once again fearlessly names names and explains why media titans not only remain in denial about the prevalence of liberal bias in news reporting, but are now advancing the fanciful claim that the media is actually biased toward conservatives!

Goldberg skillfully explodes that idea, detailing just how hollow and ridiculous it is despite its loud repetition these days in several bestselling books. He also shows why, given the way media types do business, the slanting of the news is all but inevitable. Finally, he outlines a series of solid proposals for breaking the liberal hammerlock on our news outlets and protecting our democratic processes from the corrosive effects of this all-pervasive bias.

Arrogance is an unforgettable glimpse inside the oaken boardrooms of the media elite. Goldberg gives you a ringside seat for revealing discussions of media bias he had with the likes of Andy Rooney and Tim Russert. He bravely exposes how the all-powerful bosses of the New York Times and other media leaders crack the whip and make any potential dissenters from full-bore liberalism toe the line. But the picture Goldberg paints isn’t entirely hopeless. He even includes a resource guide for recovering biased liberals, directing them to a wealth of conservative activists and organizations whose work on a variety of issues can help tilt America’s public debate back toward the center – if the media can be persuaded to pay attention to them. Arrogance is a significant step toward shaming our arrogant, self-serving liberal media elite into doing just that.

A few of Bernard Goldberg’s astounding revelations in Arrogance:

  • Why, despite mountains of evidence, the media elite remains in denial about the existence of liberal bias
  • How the silly myth of conservative media bias was born — and why it is repeated so often by major media outlets today
  • The real reason why liberal talk shows never can even come close to matching the popularity of Rush, Hannity, and Co.
  • The fateful day when Andy Rooney admitted that liberal bias was all-pervasive in the media — and how he was bullied into silence
  • How American liberalism has drifted out of the mainstream over the last few decades, becoming increasingly nasty, pessimistic, and downright anti-American
  • Why the much-ballyhooed conservative influence of corporate bosses over major media outlets is in fact nonexistent
  • What mainstream media reviews of Goldberg’s Bias reveal about the shallowness, hypocrisy, inaccuracy, unfairness, and bullying of the liberal media elite
  • The stunning e-mail that a reporter sent to a Young Conservative group, calling them “heartless, greedy, anti-intellectual little fascists”
  • Why the New York Times’ credibility problem isn’t limited to its discredited former reporter Jayson Blair — and how the Times and other mainstream journalistic outlets can regain the integrity they once had
  • The appalling truth about how the New York Times fawned over a domestic terrorist who planned to bomb New York City Police Headquarters and the Pentagon
  • When the collapse of the New York Times’ journalistic standards began — and why this collapse has almost exactly paralleled the rise of the liberation movements of the late Sixties and early Seventies
  • How the New York Times has been used by the Democratic Party to try to discredit its opponents — often in outlandish ways that would be scarcely believable if they didn’t carry the authority of the world’s leading news source
  • The courageous conservative who, banned from the Times, responded: “Not writing for the New York Times is a better fate than not writing what I believe”
  • Why the New York Times has never in its long history been as arrogant, mean-spirited, or morally disconnected from the American people as it is today
  • Tim Russert’s plucky stand against liberals in the media who want to suggest that there’s a moral equivalency between America and our terrorist foes
  • Erica Pratt: the key fact that the major media covered up about this little girl’s daring escape from her kidnappers in summer 2002
  • Why, when it comes to the facts about crimes committed by blacks, the liberal media’s rallying cry has gone from “we shall overcome” to “we shall overlook”
  • Devastating examples of major media sources giving energetic nationwide distribution to stories that are patently false — but which suit their political agenda
  • “Women are from Venus, men are from Hell”: why the media is so thoroughly and implacably anti-male
  • Why the toughest, most hard-nosed journalists have nothing but softballs and admiring words for Hillary Clinton
  • Blunt talk from Bob Costas about how political correctness has invaded even the world of sports journalism
  • How the media transformed, on the slimmest of evidence, a gay priest scandal into a pedophilia scandal
  • Cover-up: how the media buried evidence that guns really work to stop crime
  • Why the media’s unrelentingly negative coverage of the war on Iraq is so damaging to our troops in that country and to our national security in general
  • “If she can’t be controlled, she must be stopped” — one homosexual activist’s honest acknowledgement of the goals of the media blitz against Dr. Laura
  • Why the mainstream media will never win back the respect and trust of the American people until journalists admit and renounce their biases
  • Goldberg’s twelve-step program for freeing journalists of their left-wing biases
  • Plus: fourteen pages of contact information for conservative groups with significant contributions to make to the national debate

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