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• 2005 • 231 pages
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The American Left is unwell — driven around the bend by rage. They’re mad about losing the past two presidential elections. They’re mad about losing their longtime monopoly on how news and information are disseminated. They’re mad about increasing numbers of minority conservatives in the Republican Party. They’re mad about patriotism, capitalism, and the War on Terror. If the American Psychological Association weren’t so desperately preoccupied with proving that we conservatives are crazy (as they tried to do in a 2003 study), they would find a gold mine of research material in the Bush-bashing enclaves of the anti-war movement, academia, and the Democrat leadership.

But now Michelle Malkin has done the job for the APA: she exposes just how sick liberals have become, and how they can recover their psychological health, in Unhinged: Exposing Liberals Gone Wild. Like the hideous creature in the movie Alien, gestating in the stomach of a seemingly benign human host, the unhinged liberal feeds off the illusion of normalcy until he can no longer tolerate his artificial confines. This book is a forensic examination of the extraterrestrial creature exploding from the Democrat Party’s gut. Malkin details how crackpot, tinfoil-hat theories — Bush v. Gore was a coup; Iraq was invaded for its oil; the bin Laden family and the Bush family are in cahoots — are now readily accepted at the highest echelons of the Democrat Party and liberal establishment.

Like any good horror movie, the story of today’s Left is scary and silly at the same time. Malkin here provides an unflinching (and uncensored) look at the Left’s foul-mouthed bigots in Hollywood, its pie-throwing lunatics on college campuses, and the fetid swamps of the liberal blogosphere. She fearlessly exposes liberals’ berserk record of attacks on Republican women, people of faith, troops, and veterans. From the grass roots to the top suits, Malkin explains, Democrats have abandoned arguments in favor of ad hominem attacks and conspiracy theories. They now routinely indulge extremism, rampant campaign vandalism, and assassination fantasies. The Left, in short, has gone mad.

It’s going to take a lot to close the gap between the unhinged Left and those of us in our right minds. It’s going to take serious therapy — starting with a careful reading and rereading of this book.

  • How the holier-than-thou Left has become the CRAZIER-than-thou Left, and needs to be exposed — for its own good
  • How Democrat Party leaders, their loyal soldiers, and their liberal media allies have all succumbed to the “paranoid style” in American politics — a pathological state of mind marked by “heated exaggeration, suspiciousness, and conspiratorial fantasy”
  • “A worse trauma than 9/11”: the waves of acute anxiety, depression, helplessness, grief, and denial that swept the Left after Bush’s reelection
  • Al Franken off the edge: his physical attack on a Howard Dean supporter at a John Kerry rally in 2004, and other odd behavior
  • The liberal media critic who told Esquire magazine that he wished Rush Limbaugh had gone deaf
  • “I hope he is in the most severe pain a human being can suffer, and after that, I hope he remains in constant pain with no hope of relief” – and other reactions from liberal Internet sites to former Attorney General John Ashcroft’s illness
  • Paranoid conspiracy theories go mainstream: how activists at Democratic National Committee headquarters in June 2005 handed out documents suggesting Israel was behind 9/11 – plus other crackpot ideas circulated by the likes of Madeleine Albright and Howard Dean
  • Karl Rove: how he has become the Democrats’ all-purpose doppelganger, responsible for every evil they see in the world and every setback they suffer
  • How unhinged Democrats have portrayed occasional errors by voting machines in 2004 as a nefarious Vote-Swallowing Grand Master Plan that stole the election from Kerry
  • Appalling physical attacks and rampant vandalism by Democrats during the 2004 presidential campaign — and how the mainstream media only covered such incidents when the perpetrators were Republicans
  • Senator Dick Durbin’s reckless wartime onslaught against the Bush White House over the Guantanamo Bay — and why there is no greater sign of the Left’s unhinged nature than its hysteria over Gitmo
  • The liberal columnist who attacked football player-turned-Army Ranger Pat Tillman as an “idiot” and a “sap” in May 2004 after Tillman was killed in action by friendly fire in Afghanistan, and who makes no bones about his contempt for our troops
  • Tenured radicals: the University of Colorado professor who called the victims of 9/11 “Little Eichmanns” and suggested that soldiers in Iraq should murder their commanding officers — and a host of other examples
  • Leftist college students who faked attacks against themselves in order to prove how racist and intolerant conservatives are
  • How the Left routinely attacks a member of a racial minority who embraces conservative ideas as a “race traitor” or “sellout” — and much, much worse
  • How, since George W. Bush took office, celebrities have become far more unhinged, outspoken, and profane about their hatred for mainstream America than ever before
  • The NPR commentator who parlayed her hatred for President Bush into a bestselling book exploring the assassination of Republican presidents — and how the new assassination chic has pervaded the liberal media, and even seeped onto the pages of the New York Times

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