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Top 10 Lists

10 Hilarious Historical Valentines You’ll Love

We've found 10 hilarious historical Valentines we're sure you'll love!

Top 5 Conservative Sports Books of All Time

In the spirit of the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games and in light of the National Anthem protests, we want[...]

Pres. Trump’s Top 10 GIFs

Check out our hilarious list of Pres. Trump's Top 10 GIFs!

7 Media Lies About The Trump Administration

The lying media refuses to tell the truth about the Trump administration! Learn 7 media lies about the Trump administration[...]

10 Crucial Errors That Decided The Civil War

How did the Union win the Civil War -- and how did the South lose? Find out in our list[...]

The Top 7 Pro-Life Books

Today is the 44th annual March for Life! In honor of the march and the pro-life cause, we've compiled a[...]

Trump’s Top 7 Priorities For 2018

After a successful first year in office, Pres. Trump is ready to do even more to make America great again![...]

20 Prominent Black Conservatives

This MLK Day, check out our list of 20 Prominent Black Conservatives! From government to pop culture, these black conservatives[...]

8 Politically Incorrect Truths About Christianity Libs Can’t Ignore

Libs love to hate Christianity, but they can't stop truth! Check out our list of 8 Politically Incorrect Truths About[...]

The 12 Conservative Movies of Christmas

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Roast some chestnuts on an open fire and gather the family for[...]

5 Things You Never Knew About The Three Wise Men

Are the Three Wise Men of Christmas just a Biblical fable -- or historical fact? Check out 5 Things You[...]

The Top 7 Conservative Movies of 2017

Check out our Top 7 Conservative Movies of 2017, complete with trailers, to see which conservative movies you should watch[...]

Trump’s Top 10 Victories of 2017

Trump has only been in office for 11 months, but he's already had a number of victories over the DC[...]

The Top 10 Conservative Books of 2017

Which right-wing reads made the biggest splash this year? Which authors dominated discourse? Check out our Top 10 Conservative Books[...]

The Top 5 Dumbest Liberal Books of 2017

Liberals melted down in 2017, engaging in months of tantrums, riots, and unceasing media slander. Check out our list of[...]

5 Things That Prove Bannon Is A Rebel

Steve Bannon has declared war on the Establishment! Learn what made him a rebel in our list!

Top 5 Conservative Superheroes

In light of the new Justice League movie, check out our list of the Top 5 Conservative Superheroes!

Top 7 Michael Savage Books of All Time

Michael Savage is back with a new book, "God, Faith and Reason". We've compiled the Top 7 Michael Savage Books[...]

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