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Steve Bannon’s 5 Best Quotes

Breitbart boss Steve Bannon is one of Pres. Trump's greatest defenders, and one of Establishment's greatest foes. Check out Steve[...]

5 Great Military Books That Honor Veterans

In the spirit of Veterans Day, we've compiled a list of 5 Great Military Books That Honor Veterans. Read our[...]

11 Virtues Biblical Widows Have Taught Us All

Widowhood is a tragedy-- but such life experiences can also be a source of virtue. Here are 11 Virtues Biblical[...]

9 Ways The Left Is Trying To Undermine Trump

Since his election, the Left has worked nonstop to undermine him, from campuses to Congress. Here are 9 Ways The[...]

The Top 7 Tucker Carlson Takedowns

No one is better at taking down liberals and RINOs than Tucker Carlson! Check out our Top 7 Tucker Carlson[...]

The Top 5 Ed Klein Books

Ed Klein is back with a new book, "All Out War: The Plot to Destroy Trump." Before you check that[...]

7 Things You Never Knew About Andrew Jackson

Pres. Andrew Jackson was a man whose legend has endured to the modern day. Here are 7 amazing things you[...]

The Top 10 Triggering Halloween Costumes

Want to trigger the liberals this Halloween? Check out our 10 most "triggering" Halloween costumes!

Pres. Donald Trump’s Top 5 Conservative Books

Don't be like the ignorant fake news media -- check out Donald Trump's 5 best conservative books!

The Top 8 Conservative Books About Donald Trump

Donald Trump won by running as an outsider and promising to "Make America Great Again". Here are the top 8[...]

28 Politically Incorrect Truth Bombs The Left Can’t Handle

The Left loves P.C. -- they can't handle reality! Here are 28 Politically Incorrect Guides you can use to truth[...]

15 Ways Trump Made Poetry Great Again

Trump has the best words -- and the best poems! "Cheers" screenwriter Rob Long has turned tweets into verse in[...]

5 Ways Alexander Hamilton Screwed Up America

Was Alexander Hamilton one of our worst Founders? Learn 5 ways he permanently screwed up America!

7 Conservative Celebrities Who Should Run For Office

Trump shocked elites when he ran for President. We've found 7 more conservative celebrities who can help make America great[...]

Bill O’Reilly’s Top 10 Books

Bill O'Reilly has had a long career in conservative news and publishing. In honor of Bill O'Reilly's latest book "Killing[...]

6 Things Hillary Blames In Her New Memoir

Hillary's hilarious 2016 loss has sent her reeling; see the 6 things she blames in her new election memoir, "What[...]

20 Conservative Football Stars You Should Root For

Football season is upon us! Here are 20 Conservative Football Stars You Should Root For, from both the past and[...]

The 12 Most Conservative Colleges in America

Many campuses are left-wing daycares, but some schools teach freedom and conservative thought! Check out the 12 Most Conservative Colleges[...]

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