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Chris Malagisi News

CBC’s Chris Malagisi Talks Orlando And Bestsellers On OAN!

CBC Editor-in-Chief Chris Malagisi appeared on One America News Network -- see what he said about the Orlando attacks, the[...]

“Clueless” Actress Stacey Dash’s Exclusive CBC Author Interview

In our exclusive podcast author interview with famed Hollywood actress Stacey Dash, we discuss her new book, "There Goes My[...]

Exclusive Brad Thor Author Interview

CBC's exclusive podcast author interview with bestselling conservative novelist Brad Thor about his new book and his detailed a plan[...]

What is Conservatism? (Author Interview: Dr. George H. Nash)

In our in-depth exclusive podcast author interview with conservative historian Dr. George H. Nash, he discusses the intellectual roots of[...]

Eric Bolling Dedicates New Book to — President Obama (Author Interview)

In our exclusive podcast author interview with Fox News Co-Host Eric Bolling he reveals why he dedicates his first book[...]

Broken But Unbowed (Author Interview: TX Gov. Greg Abbott)

In a remarkable journey from being paralyzed at the age of 26 to becoming governor of the state of Texas,[...]

Conservative Book Club Relaunches! (Letter from the Editor)

CBC relaunches for the digital age, while celebrating its 50th Anniversary! Learn about new Club features and benefits for members.

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