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Civil War News

Episode #20 – Vicksburg: The Real Turning Point of the Civil War (Interview with Historian Dr. Samuel Mitcham)

Contrary to most Civil War historians' views, Dr. Samuel W. Mitcham Jr. posits that it was the Battle of Vicksburg,[...]

See What Robert E. Lee Wrote About Confederate Monuments

Although Confederate monuments are becoming ever more controversial, the issue has been debated since the immediate aftermath of the Civil […]

Trump Asks Why We Had A Civil War — What Do You Think?

Pres. Trump asked why we had to have a Civil War in a recent interview. What do you think caused[...]

Should New Orleans Remove Confederate Monuments?

The city of New Orleans has gone ahead with the removal of four Confederate monuments. Should they do so --[...]

New ‘Captain America’ Movie Delivers Unapologetic Defense of American Sovereignty

"Captain America: Civil War" is an instant superhero movie classic exploring the relationship between the individual and the state.

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