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Here’s How Bannon Responded To Trump’s Criticism

See how Bannon responded to President Trump's attacks!

Did Steve Bannon Betray Pres. Donald Trump?

Pres. Trump has publicly denounced Steve Bannon after excerpts from a new book showed Steve Bannon denigrating Donald Trump Jr.[...]

Who Is To Blame For Roy Moore’s Election Defeat?

Who is most to blame for Judge Roy Moore's stunning defeat in the Alabama Senate election -- Steve Bannon, Mitch[...]

5 Things That Prove Bannon Is A Rebel

Steve Bannon has declared war on the Establishment! Learn what made him a rebel in our list!

How Steve Bannon Won The 2016 Election For Trump

Steve Bannon has gone from Breitbart's boss to a national political figure. Learn how Bannon won the election for Trump[...]

Steve Bannon’s 5 Best Quotes

Breitbart boss Steve Bannon is one of Pres. Trump's greatest defenders, and one of Establishment's greatest foes. Check out Steve[...]

Should Mitch McConnell Resign? Steve Bannon Brings The Heat

Steve Bannon has a great new idea for unifying the GOP. In an appearance on Hannity, Bannon said “I tell […]

Watch Steve Bannon Boldly Bash Bumbling Bush

Steve Bannon has declared war on the Establishment — including Pres. George W. Bush. In a speech to the California […]

Are GOP Elites Trying To Derail Trump? Watch Bannon Bash Congress

In a 60 Minutes interview, Steve Bannon went on the warpath against Trump's enemies, accusing Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell[...]

Bye Bye, Bannon: Do You Approve Of His Firing?

It's official: Steve Bannon has been fired by Pres. Trump. Do you support this move or not? Vote in our[...]

Is Steve Bannon Fascist? Check Out The Latest Liberal Insanity

Joshua Green, the leftist author of the new Steve Bannon-bashing book Devil's Bargain, has reached far back to 1930s philosophers[...]

Should Trump Fire Steve Bannon?

Rumors have it that Steve Bannon, formerly the head of Breitbart, is on the outs with Trump's inner circle. Should[...]

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