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Crystal Wright

**Exclusive CBC Author Interview with Crystal Wright** Crystal Wright is the editor of the blog Conservative Black Chick and the […] More about Crystal Wright.

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“Conservative Black Chick” Crystal Wright Calls Out John Lewis!

"And, you know, what I want to know is what has John Lewis done since he marched on Selma? Really.[...]

See How Crystal Wright Eviscerated MTV’s Race Hypocrisy!

"Would we ever see a New Year's resolution produced by MTV telling black men to stop killing each other in[...]

Crystal Wright Has Endorsed Conservative Book Club!

Crystal Wright, author and proprietor of, has endorsed the Conservative Book Club! See her endorsement clip below!

To Dems, Only Black Votes Matter (Author Interview: Crystal Wright)

Our exclusive podcast author interview this week is with Crystal Wright, the self-described "Conservative Black Chick." She is the author[...]

20 Prominent Black Conservatives

This MLK Day, check out our list of 20 Prominent Black Conservatives! From government to pop culture, these black conservatives[...]

Watch Charles Barkley Dunk On Confederate Statue Protesters

It’s a slam dunk! Former NBA star Charles Barkley had some wise words for people out protesting Confederate statues. Barkley […]

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