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CBC’s First GOP Debate Awards

Learn who the winners and losers were from last night, including the best zinger, best sparing, breakthrough performance, and who[...]

The Top 5 Conservative Books About The Courts

Conservative legal theory in the United States centers around preserving constitutional law and preventing judicial activism. Check out these top[...]

CBC Members Thought Ted Cruz Would Win The First Debate!

Going into the first GOP debates last night, we wanted to see which candidate CBC members thought would win the[...]

Does America Owe Richard Nixon An Apology? Author Geoff Shepard Says So

Former Nixon Deputy Defense Counsel defends Nixon after uncovering documents that shine a new light on the infamous Watergate Scandal.

The Top 5 Examples Of The NYT’s Anti-Conservative Bias

On far too many occasions, The New York Times has let their political ideology trump their journalistic integrity. The NYT[...]

CBC Members Want Carly Fiorina In GOP Debate

The first GOP presidential debate takes place on August 6th, and only 10 candidates will be able to take part,[...]

LOL! Look At Trump’s Plans For The White House

LOL! Check out Donald Trump's plans for remodeling the White House! Looks like DC will have a Trump Tower of[...]

Member of the Week: Caleb Bonham (Editor in Chief, Campus Reform)

Caleb Bonham, Editor-in-Chief of Campus Reform (The Leadership Institute), produces some of the funniest videos out there exposing the Left.

Do Conservatives Need a “Heart”? (Author Interview: Arthur Brooks, AEI President)

CBC interviewed Dr. Arthur Brooks, author of "The Conservative Heart." He is currently President of the esteemed, conservative American Enterprise[...]

The Top Five Anticommunist Books Ever Written

The Soviets collapsed in 1991. Communism, it seems, is on its last legs in today's 21st century world. But conservatives[...]

CBC Members Don’t Disapprove of Trump’s Comments on McCain

This week, we asked CBC members their opinions on the Trump-McCain feud, and on Donald Trump's comments that McCain, who[...]

LOL! Check Out This 80s Commercial For The Donald Trump Board Game

Take a blast back to the past with this commercial for Trump: The Game, released in 1989!

Member of the Week: Alison Howard (Dir. of Alliance Relations, Alliance Defending Freedom)

While most young people are in favor of same-sex marriage, Alison Howard (Alliance for Defending Freedom) unabashedly believes in promoting[...]

LOL! If They Can Beat A Sharknado, Can Cuban and Coulter Run America?

Mark Cuban and Ann Coulter just starred as the President and Vice President in Syfy's third installment in the cult[...]

Progressives Respond To Ryan Anderson’s Book on Marriage With Typical Lack Of Class

Once again, progressives show how little class and tolerance they have for opposing ideas. The Amazon reviews for Ryan Anderson's[...]

LOL! I’m Sure A Website Will Solve Iran, Barry

I'm sure this website will work just as well as the last one. It's not as if the mullahs are[...]

The Threat of Radical Islam In the US and Abroad (Author Interview: Brad Taylor)

Author Interview with serial novelist, Brad Taylor, on the dangers of Radical Islam here in the US and the threat[...]

LOL! How to Make a Deal with John Kerry

And unlike Obama's lies on healthcare, I'm sure John Kerry is telling the truth when he says Iran will keep[...]

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