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48 Liberal Lies About American History (That You Probably Learned in School)

Publisher: Sentinel • 2009 • 336 pages
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48 Liberal Lies About American History

Do you know which images are used more often than any other to represent 20th century America in modern textbooks? If you guessed the moon landing, or John Kennedy, or Ronald Reagan, or even the civil rights marches — go to the back of the class. The correct answer is: the Ku Klux Klan. The fact is, today’s American history texts are giving students a distinctly left-leaning view of their subject — one that routinely portrays the United States as racist and imperialistic; that lauds socialistic wealth distribution while deploring free enterprise; that criticizes American military successes; and that treats convicted Communist spies and other anti-American traitors as martyrs. The result, argues historian Larry Schweikart, is that students graduate from high school and even college with misunderstandings about economics, foreign policy, war, religion, social issues, and many other subjects. Then they carry their ignorance into the voting booth.

Now, in “48 Liberal Lies About American History (That You Probably Learned in School),” Professor Schweikart thoroughly debunks the most widespread and pernicious of these errors, correcting them with carefully documented fact. As he did in his popular A Patriot’s History of the United States, Professor Schweikart corrects liberal bias by rediscovering facts that were once widely known. Here, however, he explicitly challenges authors of popular textbooks who, in pursuit of a left-wing agenda, falsify American history — showing how they distort facts and manipulate data in an effort to appear objective and conceal their bias.

With an easy-to-read yet detail-rich style, Schweikart proves that, while America has never been perfect, our nation is far more admirable than you were probably taught. Among the 48 myths Larry Schweikart debunks:

  • Mikhail Gorbachev, not Ronald Reagan, was responsible for ending the Cold War
  • The Founders envisioned a “wall of separation between Church and State,” to keep religious influence out of government
  • The Mexican and Spanish-American Wars were imperialist efforts drummed up by “corporate interests”
  • John F. Kennedy was killed by LBJ and a secret team to prevent him from getting us out of Vietnam
  • Richard Nixon expanded the Vietnam War
  • The “Peace Movement” activists were not dupes of the KGB
  • Ronald Reagan knew “Star Wars” wouldn’t work, but wanted to provoke a war with the USSR
  • September 11 was not the work of terrorists — it was a government conspiracy
  • No terrorists, al-Qaeda leaders, or weapons of mass destruction were hiding in Iraq
  • Women had no rights in early America Restrictions on the right to vote were meant to keep voter participation low
  • Sacco and Vanzetti were innocent — and wrongly executed
  • Sen. Joseph McCarthy concocted the “Red Scare,” and there was nothing to fear from Communist subversives
  • The Rosenbergs were not spies, and were wrongfully executed
  • Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK because he was a deranged maniac — not because he was a Communist
  • Columbus was responsible for killing millions of Indians
  • The early colonies were intolerant and racist
  • Early America was home to few guns or gun owners
  • Abraham Lincoln only freed the slaves to beef up his troop strength
  • The Scopes Trial proved Darwin was correct — and that Christians were backward
  • The 1950s were dull and boring and created a generation of conformists in the workplace and home
  • Richard Nixon sent burglars into the Watergate office complex
  • Neither Ronald Reagan’s election nor the “Contract with America” proved the triumph of conservative ideas
  • Bill Clinton was impeached over sex
  • George W. Bush was “selected, not elected” in 2000, and votes were stolen on his behalf
  • Muslim terrorists are poor and uneducated and hate us because we support Israel
  • The news media is objective, fair and balanced — and always has been
  • Native Americans were great environmentalists — while white settlers destroyed the buffalo
  • The first Thanksgiving took place because the Indians saved the Puritans from their own ineptitude
  • The “Robber Barons” pillaged the land and destroyed the environment
  • Federal regulators have protected the public’s health by identifying harmful products
  • Global warming is a fact — and it’s a man-made, American-driven problem
  • The Constitution was the creation of powerful elites protecting their financial interests
  • The Sherman Anti-Trust Act protected the “little guy” and reigned in abuses by “Big Business”
  • The transcontinental railroads would never have been built without government
  • The “Robber Barons” were only assuaging their guilt with their philanthropy
  • The income tax was created to make the rich pay their fair share, and tax cuts only benefit upper income Americans
  • Business failures and tax cuts combined to cause the Great Depression
  • LBJ’s Great Society had a positive impact on the poor
  • The decline of the American auto and steel industries was caused by insufficient government support for them
  • The Reagan tax cuts caused massive deficits and national debt
  • History textbooks used in schools are unbiased and not politically correct

“One reality is certain,” writes Schweikart. “If those who read history are grounded in truth, bias will reveal itself in no time. And once that happens, the market for politically correct, agenda-driven textbooks will dry up and blow away like the marijuana leaves at Woodstock.”

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