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Reagan: The American President

Publisher: Dangerous Books • July 4, 2018 • 300 pages

In Reagan, Ronald Reagan’s life is examined through the lens of a conservative scholar who understands Reagan’s goals, intentions, and motivations. Through exclusively obtained administration documents, Larry Schweikart reveals Reagan’s never-before seen initiative to create a North American energy zone—the forerunner to NAFTA and the internal battles in his administration to press his economic recovery act through.

In newly declassified documents from such episodes in Reagan’s presidency as Lebanon, new assessments of the cultural side of Reagan’s war against the Soviets from sources behind the Iron Curtain, new interviews with Reagan insiders not previously consulted, Larry Schweikart provides a comprehensive look with new perspective and new sources, particularly those relating to the presidential years and especially as related to the economy and the Cold War.

Reagan, the Midwestern boy, the young actor, the student protester, the labor union leader, the combative governor, emerged as the most successful president of the 20th century.

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