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Episode #27 – Jeanine Pirro Interview: Her New Book, Whoopi Goldberg and “The View” Controversy, and If She’s Really the Next US Attorney General

In our blockbuster, exclusive interview with author and Fox News host Jeanine Pirro, she discusses her new bestselling book, Liars,[...]

What Jeff Sessions Got Wrong About The Bible On Immigration

"Be subject to the authorities." "Shelter the outcast." Sessions ignored the tough decisions the Bible confronts us with in the[...]

POLL: Should Trump Fire Jeff Sessions?

Should Trump fire Jeff Sessions? Vote in our CBC reader poll!

See What Lindsey Graham Said About Trump And Sessions

"If Jeff Sessions is fired there will be holy hell to pay. Any effort to go after Mueller will be[...]

Mark Levin Warns Trump About Sessions — Will He Heed It?

"I would discourage the president of the U.S. and whoever is advising him, from what appears to be this effort[...]

Should Trump Be Criticizing Sessions Right Now? Tucker Carlson Sounds Off

"Pay less attention to The New York Times and more to Matt Drudge. Lay off Jeff Sessions. He’s your friend."

Is Trump Pushing Jeff Sessions Out Over The Russia Investigation?

"Sessions should have never recused himself, and if he was going to recuse himself, he should have told me before[...]

Showdown: See What AG Jeff Sessions Said In His Testimony Before Congress

See what Attorney General Jeff Sessions told the Senate in his official testimony!

Should Jeff Sessions Resign?

A rift has grown between Pres. Trump and AG Sessions -- should Attorney General Jeff Sessions resign? Vote in our[...]

Jeff Sessions Wants Harsher Sentencing For Drug Crimes. Should He “Restart” The War on Drugs?

Trump's Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, has told federal prosecutors to push for maximum sentences for all future drug crime convictions.[...]

80% Of Americans Are Against Sanctuary Cities

"80% of the American people believe these sanctuary cities are wrong... and it clearly makes their own cities less safe."[...]

See What Sessions Says About Sanctuary Cities

"Countless Americans would be alive today and countless loved ones would not be grieving today if these policies of sanctuary[...]

Should Trump Tell Sessions “You’re Fired” Over Russia Controversy?

Should Pres. Trump tell Jeff Sessions "you're fired" over the recent Russian ambassador scandal? Make your decision in our CBC[...]

Cruz Defends Jeff Sessions From Russia Allegations

"And the reason I say it's political theater is the underlying meeting, you know, this morning, everyone is in high[...]

Watch Jeff Sessions’ Swearing-In Speech As Attorney-General!

"I wish the rise that we're seeing in crime in America today were some sort of aberration or a blip.[...]

Does Jeff Sessions Support The Muslim Ban?

"But I have no belief and do not support the idea that Muslims as a religious group should be denied[...]

Will Hillary Clinton Ban Guns?

"She gets in, she will appoint somebody who changes [the Second Amendment], and what that means is it's no longer[...]

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