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Obamacare News

Is Jimmy Kimmel Right or Wrong About Obamacare Repeal?

Is Jimmy Kimmel right or wrong about the Obamacare repeal bill? Vote in our CBC reader poll

The Real Reason Why Republicans Could Not Pass Obamacare Repeal

Let’s be honest. Contrary to media reports, the modern Republican Party is not a monolithic entity. Currently, there are three[...]

Ted Cruz Tears Into Congress For Betraying Voters

"There are going to be a great many Americans who tonight feel a sense of betrayal. Feel a sense of[...]

Has The GOP Betrayed Its Base By Failing To Repeal Obamacare?

Has the GOP betrayed its base by failing to repeal Obamacare?

“Epic Fail”: Watch Charles Krauthammer ROAST Congress Over Obamacare

"This is an epic fail. This is historic. This is seven years of arguing gone down the drain. And I[...]

Should The Obamacare Repeal Bill Be Passed Or Killed?

Conservatives have been trying to repeal Obamacare since the moment it was passed. Should repeal (The American Health Care Act)[...]

Are We Repealing Obamacare — Or Keeping It?! Hear What Rand Paul Had To Say

"I keep reading this and it sounds like Obamacare, not even Obamacare Lite. It might even be Obamacare-plus on the[...]

Should GOP Just Let Obamacare Implode?

"And I tell Tom Price and I tell Paul Ryan, I tell every one of 'em, I say the best[...]

Is The GOP Healthcare Plan Just A Bandaid?

Is the GOP healthcare plan just a band-aid for a larger wound? See the cartoon and tell us what you[...]

See How Obamacare Is A House Of Cards!

Obamacare may be a house of cards, but can the GOP knock it down? See the cartoon!

Can Trump Provide “Insurance For Everybody”?

Trump has promised to replace Obamacare with a program that ensures "insurance for everybody" -- can he pull it off?[...]

Should Congress Repeal and Replace Obamacare?

Should Congress repeal and replace Obamacare? Vote now in our CBC reader poll!

Dems and Obamacare Made America Sick Again!

Dems are whining about the Obamacare repeal, but aren't they the ones who made America sick again with Obamacare in[...]

Cartoon: Check Out The Latest Obamacare Meltdown!

How is Obamacare melting down this time? You'll need to see the cartoon to find out!

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