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Episode #10: The Danger of Historical Revisionism

America is having an identity crisis. Are we a force for good, or are we a bullying nation founded by racists and religious sticklers? Rich Trzupek discusses the dangers of historical revisionism – changing our view of history to fit our current attitude – and how this retelling of history has so deeply divided the political parties in our country. In America’s Journey: Underdog to Overlord, Regrets to Rebirth, Trzupek says we can be face the truth about our national history, acknowledge our flaws – and still be proud to be Americans.


  • 3:55 Liberals are undermining our national pride and retelling history to make America look like the bad guy.
  • 4:34 What happens when we take great men out of context and focus only on their flaws?
  • 5:35 If we take the liberal view of history to its logical conclusion, we’re going to tear down the Lincoln Memorial!
  • 7:32 Is America really a bully?
  • 8:37 What is the solution to this obession with America’s shortcomings?
  • 10:17 Trzupek tells us the real difference between conservatives and liberals.


  • Rich Trzupek is one of the nation’s leading air-quality experts, currently serving as a highly regarded consultant to the industry and providing expert testimony to the US House Committee on Energy and the Environment.
  • Based on his 25+-years in the field, he has authored two books: The Air Quality Permitting and Compliance Handbook and Regulators Gone Wild: How the EPA is Ruining American Industry. As a prolific writer, his commentaries have appeared in Reuters, Breitbart, and Townhall.
  • A native Chicagoan whose father supported his large family working in the nearby steel mills, Rich is the proud grandson of Polish immigrants, and earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry from Loyola University of Chicago.

BOOK OVERVIEW – America’s Journey: Underdog to Overlord, Regrets to Rebirth

  • Trzupek’s most recent book, America’s Journey: Underdog to Overlord, Regrets to Rebirth, is the culmination of his lifetime dream: a narrative presentation of American history and politics. In it, he explores the broad themes that brought us to the present day, with illustrative vignettes tossed in to add a bit of spice to the stew, with the goal of starting productive dialogues and countering historical revisionism.



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