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High Crimes and Misdemeanors: The Case Against Bill Clinton

Author: Ann Coulter
Publisher: Regnery Publishing • 1998 • 370 pages
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When you’re through with High Crimes and Misdemeanors: The Case Against Bill Clinton, you just may find yourself ordering more copies – for your own senators.

What makes us so brash? This is the first popular primer on the subject of impeachment since we can’t remember when, and the first reasoned argument (constitutionally and historically) on why William Jefferson Clinton has been committing impeachable offenses since 1993. Even more important, Miss Coulter demonstrates, beyond a doubt, why the Senate had to bring Clinton to trial.

What is impeachment? The standards for impeachment? You may be in for a surprise. And judging by congressional pussyfooting, so will the Hill folk.

But Miss Coulter, the tough political reporter for Human Events, sets the record straight: “Though it will come as a shock to people who acquire their legal knowledge from TV pundits, the phrase ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ [the constitutional grounds for impeachment] has nothing to do with criminal law. The ‘somewhat startling’ proposition that high crimes and misdemeanors need not be crimes at all is, nonetheless, an indisputable fact demonstrated by the ‘great preponderance of authority.'” Clinton: Guilty as charged?

Some key points:

  • The 6 categories of impeachable conduct that developed in the 400 years of use in Great Britain. The Founders knew these by heart – and Clinton fails on each one
  • Valid grounds for impeachment throughout American history – compared to the laundry list of Clinton’s offenses
  • Hamilton, Madison, Jay, and Joseph Story on impeachment
  • Nixon’s insufferable evil: One presidential lie, one presidential privilege, and zero criminal offenses
  • How Clinton gets his victims to lie under oath
  • Dissected: The president’s deposition in the Jones case. (Caution: read slowly. You just might get lost in the maze of lies)
  • Did the president fornicate, repeatedly, with Monica Lewinsky? 12 solid reasons why Lewinsky had to be telling the truth
  • Starr’s media reincarnation as a hard-liner (lawyers from the Bush Justice Department just laugh)
  • The administration’s flip-flops, contradictions, evasions – once we called it lying
  • Routine obstructions of justice that would make Nixon blush (and keep Mafia leaders busy taking notes)
  • Got a complaint against the president? Expect to hear from the IRS
  • BIG reason some Republicans in Congress may have refused to impeach
    • The spade work on impeachable offenses, already done by Hillary Rodham.
  • How the “Rodino Report” of 1974 condemns Clinton a hundred times over
    • White House coffees ($75,000 per cup): Proof that Clinton is guilty of conspiracy to violate federal solicitation laws … liable under federal bribery laws … and guilty of extortion under the Hobbs Act

Clinton is playing America – and Hill Republicans – like a fiddle.

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