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Shut Up & Sing

Publisher: Regnery Publishing • 2006 • 360 pages
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Shut Up & Sing

Meet the elites. They think you’re stupid. They think all freedom-loving Americans are stupid. They think patriotism is stupid. They think churchgoing is stupid. They think flag-flying is stupid. They despise families with more than two children. They are sure that where we live — anywhere but near or in a few major cities — is an insipid cultural wasteland.

They think your SUV is evil — although theirs is absolutely necessary. They think owning a gun is criminal. They think George Bush is an idiot. They even think it’s wrong for us to do what we have to do to protect our nation and our loved ones. Worst of all, they think our abiding belief in the goodness of America and its founding principles is naive and misguided.

But in this refreshing and blisteringly insightful look at the elites, Laura Ingraham reveals that it is they, not us, who are the stupid ones — and that loudmouth liberals like Barbra Streisand would do better to just “shut up and sing.” Ingraham exposes the outrageous howlers and muddled thinking peddled as wisdom by a rogue’s gallery of Hollywood celebs, media yuppies, trial lawyers, multiculturalists, God-haters, and race-relations bullies who are exalted as heroes by the elite. Ingraham unmasks the shallowness of elite thinking everywhere it is found: in politics, the media, the ivory tower, arts and entertainment, and even business and international organizations. Nor does she restrict her skewering of the elite only to its natural home, the Democratic Party — she ably zeroes in on elite enclaves within the GOP as well.

A few of the ways that Laura Ingraham reveals the elites’ true colors:

  • How we got to the point where a significant percentage of the American population wants America to be torn down, tradition by tradition
  • Six prevailing assumptions among the liberal elite: their diametric opposition to republican values and traditional morality
  • Why the elites are obsessed with religion but unflaggingly “theophobic” — and bent on eradicating religion from American life
  • Six false beliefs that liberal elites hold about religion — assumptions they’re trying to foist onto the American people
  • Hillary: why her career should remind us that “greed and liberalism go together like oppression and Communism”
  • “Entertainer” Madonna: how she and other figures revered by the elites implicitly (and often explicitly) establish themselves as their own gods
  • Howard Dean: how this darling of the liberal media suggested that he would compromise or tolerate an erosion of America’s military supremacy
  • How the elites use American respect for individual rights to block majority rule
  • The central prejudice that unifies all the various factions of liberal elites
  • The hollowness of the arrogant and patronizing Leftist posturing by famous entertainers
  • The antiwar crowd: details that prove once and for all that they’re really just anti-American
  • The Electoral College and the Senate: systems designed not to give more power to elites, but to prevent elites from dominating the system
  • Actors: how their training and entire life’s work leads them inexorably to a liberal position
  • The state of American higher education: the American professor who actually said at the beginning of the Iraq war that he hoped to see ten million American dead (yes, he still has his job)
  • Bush appellate court nominee William Pryor: the anti-religious litmus test that liberal Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee shamelessly used against him
  • The ugly truth about why the elites tell immigrants to resist assimilation
  • The UN: why this darling of the elites desperately needs to be reformed, reconfigured, and reoriented
  • Three claims Ted Kennedy made in 1965 in arguing for relaxed immigration laws — claims that have been proven false again and again in recent years (and we’re still paying the price!)
  • The appallingly stupid bureaucratic reason why the government releases nearly half of all deportable aliens after their hearings
  • How liberal business elites have made a mockery of the American traditions of hard work, thrift, and honesty
  • The fraudulent but popular concept that is really nothing more than an elite front for introducing quotas under the guise of establishing “fairness” and “justice”
  • Democracy be damned: astonishing remarks by Al Gore about who he thinks should really be ruling America
  • The decay of public schools: why parents just shouldn’t take it anymore — and what they can do
  • Why every American must fight to prevent the fulfillment of this prediction by Clinton’s deputy secretary of state Strobe Talbott: “Within the next 100 years, nationhood as we know it will be obsolete. All states will recognize a single global authority”
  • The larger implications of the Left’s campaign to force us to check in with Big Brother every time we want to buy a Daisy air rifle at Wal-Mart
  • Colin Powell’s memorable response to an interviewer who asked him how he felt representing the United States, “the Satan of contemporary politics”
  • The sad truth of Dennis Miller’s observation that, during the Iraq war, the elites called every administration official “Hitler” — but not Saddam Hussein, “the short guy with a mustache over there sticking people into wood chippers”
  • Why unabashed patriotism makes many liberals angry, bitter, and belligerent
  • How the Democratic Party has degenerated into a cool hangout for airheaded celebrities who look down on the working people who once made up the backbone of the Party
  • “PeaceSpeak”: an uproarious glossary of Leftist terminology

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