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Power to the People

Publisher: Regnery Publishing • 2007 • 384 pages
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Power to the People

Power to the people! This has been the Left’s slogan for decades – but it has meant nothing for liberals except more power for them and less for free Americans. Now acclaimed radio host Laura Ingraham is calling for real power to be restored to the people — by the revival of traditional conservative principles, which, she argues compellingly here, constitute the true empowerment agenda. Power to the People is her call to arms, a ringing rallying cry to Americans to fight back – to shake off our lethargy, reconnect with our American heritage, and fight for our culture and our country.

Ingraham reminds us that while we rightly focus much of our attention on Islamic terrorists and enemy states, we must not lose sight of what is happening here at home. In Power to the People, she exposes the threats we face from an emboldened cultural left, from the global liberal elite, from science worshippers, and from politicians who spend more time on their hair than serving their constituents. Ingraham fearlessly exposes the Left’s assault on the family, showing how the American family is besieged by a hostile culture, destructive government policies, and by our own selfishness. Meanwhile, facilitated by a well-funded alliance of Latino and business lobbies, and by elites in both parties, illegals have crashed our borders in unprecedented numbers. Six years after September 11, this is a national disgrace. But Ingraham is not afraid to say that our national power and identity comes in part from our shared American culture and language – and that this power will continue to be eaten away if we don’t stop the double-talk and defend our borders. Ingraham also takes on the education elites, detailing how the old emphasis on excellence and merit has been swallowed up by ideologically biased curricula and politically correct teaching methods that are shortchanging our students — and our country.

Nor is that all. Ingraham emphasizes that while it may be impossible to prevent every future attack, Americans must have confidence that our government is doing all it can to protect the homeland. That means that we should not squander our military power on what are largely humanitarian (a.k.a. nation-building) missions. She argues forcefully that the interests of America and our own security must always come first and guide our foreign policy. With the same directness and vigor, she argues against judicial tyranny, showing how on issues from abortion to profanity on television, we are being disenfranchised from our own political system. She explains how, in just the last few years the court has eroded our property rights, banished the Ten Commandments from courthouses, and begun micromanaging the War on Terror. But what do they care? They answer to no one – unless citizens begin to act. In the same way, she says, citizens must begin to act to head off the attempt by left-wing elites to strangle conservative talk radio and resume the position as our self-appointed information gatekeepers that they held for decades.

Above all, Ingraham offers solutions for how we can use our power — individually and together — to pursue life, liberty, and true happiness. This book is not meant just to rile you up (Laura does that every day on the radio). The goal is to incite you to do your part to protect the country that we love. It is ours to lose, and there are many here and abroad who are more than willing to take it from us. With Laura Ingraham’s help, let’s get to work — there is no time to lose. Power to the People!

How ordinary Americans can – and must — FIGHT BACK NOW:

  • Does it really matter what a family looks like? Are two parents — a mom and dad — better than one?
  • Seven advantages that children raised in traditional families have over those who were not
  • Hillary’s “It takes a village to raise a child”: how this encapsulates the liberal elites’ attempt to replace families with government
  • Why we must establish moral and ethical boundaries to ensure that we are not throwing our humanity out with the petri dish
  • Why a lot of what our culture is doing in the name of science is really being done out of vanity
  • Pornography and Trash TV — why are we watching this trash? And how is it reshaping the future of America?
  • Illegal immigration: how it has ravaged entire communities with increases in violent and drug-related crime, and the system is on the verge of being totally overwhelmed — yet you would never know this by watching the evening news
  • How our government looks the other way while businesses actually court illegals, either as customers or employers
  • Why so many local and state decisions have been hijacked by the feds — and it’s only getting worse
  • How state supreme courts are usurping state legislatures and blatantly overthrowing the will of the people (which is how we got civil unions in Vermont and gay marriage in Massachusetts)
  • Why we owe it to ourselves and to millions of Americans not yet born to survey our dry, barren cultural landscape and rework the soil – and concrete steps we can take to reverse the pornification of our culture
  • Why it is so important to recall today that the Founders believed that the powers delegated to the Federal government were quite narrow
  • Reviving American education: why states should get out of the textbook selection process and let individual teachers pick the materials that fit best for them — and why we also need to foster more competition in the textbook publishing industry
  • Why we will prevail in any of these battles if we don’t retain our belief in God
  • How our Judeo-Christian traditions has done more good for American and the rest of the world than liberal secularists ever will

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