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Should Pres. Trump Declassify The FISA Memo?

Should Pres. Trump declassify Rep. Devin Nunes' controversial FISA memo? Vote in our CBC reader poll!

Pres. Trump Loves Pressing The Left’s Buttons!

No one pisses off the politically correct Left like Pres. Trump! See how he's pressing their big red meltdown buttons[...]

Pres. Trump’s Populist Revolution Is Making America Great Again

Trump shocked the Establishment by winning with populism. Listen to our interview with RNC spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany to learn how[...]

Who Would Win In 2020: Trump Or Oprah?

Hollywood's biggest liberals all but came out in support of an Oprah 2020 campaign at the Golden Globes last night.[...]

Here’s How Bannon Responded To Trump’s Criticism

See how Bannon responded to President Trump's attacks!

Did Steve Bannon Betray Pres. Donald Trump?

Pres. Trump has publicly denounced Steve Bannon after excerpts from a new book showed Steve Bannon denigrating Donald Trump Jr.[...]

Trump’s Top 10 Victories of 2017

Trump has only been in office for 11 months, but he's already had a number of victories over the DC[...]

See How Trump Reacted To Roy Moore’s Election Loss

Judge Roy Moore lost the Alabama Senate election to pro-choice Democrat Doug Jones. See how Pres. Trump reacted in his[...]

Has Trump Made America Great Again Already?

Do recent employment numbers and 228,000 new jobs prove that America is already great again? Vote in our CBC reader[...]

Which Network Has More Fake News: CNN or MSNBC?

Pres. Trump suggested a "fake news contest" on Twitter -- vote and tell us which news network is more fake,[...]

Are You Thankful For Pres. Trump?

Thanksgiving is upon us! This time of year, people across America take stock of what they're thankful for, so we[...]

Should NFL Suspend Marshawn Lynch? See Trump’s Tweet

Pres. Trump called out Raiders RB Marshawn Lynch for sitting out our national anthem -- and standing for Mexico's! Should[...]

9 Ways The Left Is Trying To Undermine Trump

Since his election, the Left has worked nonstop to undermine him, from campuses to Congress. Here are 9 Ways The[...]

Should Snoop Dogg Be Prosecuted For Threatening Trump?

Should infamous rapper Snoop Dogg be prosecuted for cover art that threatens Pres. Trump? Vote in our CBC reader poll!

Here’s How Trump’s Tweets Are Poetry

Does Pres. Trump truly have the best words? Is he a poet? We asked Rob Long, "Cheers" screenwriter and author[...]

See Why Mitch McConnell and Trump Are Closer Than Ever

Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Pres. Trump have had their disagreements, but now they are closer than ever! See[...]

Guess Who Ivana Trump Voted for in 2016? (Exclusive Interview with Ivana Trump)

In a special exclusive author interview with Ivana Trump, she reveals who she voted for in the 2016 presidential election,[...]

Who’s Better: George W. Bush or Donald Trump?

Pres. Bush has gotten fire from conservatives for his recent criticism of Donald Trump. Who's the better President: Bush or[...]

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