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We Found Elizabeth Warren’s Real Family Tree — Check It Out!

Elizabeth Warren likes to claim Indian ancestry, but Michael Ramirez has found her real family tree! See the cartoon to[...]

Thomas Sowell’s 5 Best Conservative Books

Thomas Sowell is one of America's best economic thinkers. For years, Thomas Sowell has tackled left-wing ideas, so we compiled[...]

Hillary Clinton Has Fallen Down — And Won’t Shut Up!

Hillary Clinton should get LifeAlert. After all, she keeps falling down -- and never shuts up! See the cartoon for[...]

Watch John Oliver’s Horrible Attack On The Pence Family!

Watch HBO "comedian" John Oliver's horrific attack on Vice President Mike Pence, his family, and Christian values!

POLL: Should Pres. Trump Fire Robert Mueller?

Should Pres. Trump fire Robert Mueller after Mueller illegally obtained thousands of Trump transition team emails? Vote in our CBC[...]

See What Pres. Trump Had Installed In His Office!

The White House has had a lot of staff turnover -- so Pres. Trump made some additions to the Oval[...]

Congressional Democrats Are Acting Like Whiny Student Protesters!

Who are the real infants: duped students protesting guns, or congressional Democrats? See Michael Ramirez's cartoon to find out!

Celebrate St. Patrick’s With Our Top 5 Conservative Drinks!

Enjoy St. Patrick's Day with our list of the Top 5 Conservative Drinks, taken from Mark Will-Weber's "Drinking With The[...]

Weekly Roundup Mar. 12-16, 2018

From one professor's fight against political correctness to Mike Pence's pet bunny, there were a lot of great conservative books[...]

Movie Review: “A Wrinkle In Time”

Does Oprah Winfrey's new movie "A Wrinkle In Time" live up to the book? Is it worth seeing? Read our[...]

POLL: Should Drug Dealers Be Executed?

Pres. Trump is reportedly including the death penalty for drug dealers in his opioid crisis plan. Should drug dealers be[...]

POLL: Does America Need A Military “Space Force”?

Pres. Trump made headlines with his "Space Force" proposal. Do you think America needs a military "Space Force"? Vote in[...]

Is Trade War Dangling Over Trump’s Head?

Is a trade war looming thanks to Trump's tariff policies? See the cartoon to find out!

POLL: Should Kids Stay In School Rather Than Protesting Guns?

Students nationwide are walking out of their classrooms over guns. Should kids stay in school rather than protesting guns? Vote[...]

POLL: Was Trump Right To Fire Sec. State Rex Tillerson?

Pres. Trump announced that Sec. of State Rex Tillerson has been fired. Was Trump right to fire Rex Tillerson? Vote[...]

Watch Totally Healthy Hillary Clinton Fall Down!

Hillary Clinton’s collapse on Sept. 11, 2017 became one of the viral moments of the 2016 campaign. Now, she’s falling […]

Check Out California’s Funny New Road Sign!

California is a sanctuary state, open for illegals -- and closed to job growth! Check out California's funny new road[...]

POLL: Should Elizabeth Warren Have To Take A DNA Test?

Should Elizabeth Warren take a DNA test to prove she's Pocahontas? Vote in our CBC reader poll!

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