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CBC Weekly Roundup Feb. 12-16

This week in conservatism, we talked about everything from CNN's Olympics coverage to Obama's portrait to Iraq's deadliest battle! Learn[...]

7 Obama Portraits That Didn’t Make The Cut!

Pres. Obama's National Portrait Gallery painting has already become a meme, thanks to it's unique style. Check out 7 rejected[...]

Are Democrats Trying To Trip Up Trump With DACA?

Are Democrats trying to trip Trump up with obstruction over DACA? See the cartoon to find out!

Howard Kurtz Calls Out The Biased Media

Howard Kurtz takes on the insane media in his new book "Media Madness"!

America Stands With Stoneman Douglas High School

In light of the horrific mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, America's thoughts and prayers are with the[...]

POLL: Would More Gun Control Prevent Mass Shootings Or Not? Vote Now!

Would more gun control prevent mass shootings? Or is gun control a false solution? Vote now in our CBC reader[...]

Is Big Spender Mitch McConnell A RINO?

Is big spender Sen. Mitch McConnell a RINO? See Michael Ramirez's cartoon to find out!

10 Hilarious Historical Valentines You’ll Love

We've found 10 hilarious historical Valentines we're sure you'll love!

See Why Bill Murray Supports The GOP Tax Bill

See why Hollywood celebrity Bill Murray supports the GOP tax bill!

See How Hillary Clinton and the FBI Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Hillary Clinton and the FBI are partners in crime! See how they're celebrating Valentine's Day in the cartoon!

Do You Support Pres. Trump’s New Infrastructure Plan?

Do you support Pres. Trump's new infrastructure plan? Vote in our CBC reader poll!

See Why CNN Supports North Korea At The Olympics

Treasonous CNN hates Pres. Trump so much, they're rooting for North Korea at the Olympics! See the cartoon to see[...]

Who Will Win the Most Medals at the Olympics?

The 2018 Winter Olympics have begun! Who do you think will win the most metals this year? Will Russia try[...]

Top 5 Conservative Sports Books of All Time

In the spirit of the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games and in light of the National Anthem protests, we want[...]

Who’s To Blame For the Stock Market Upheaval? Trump or the Dems?

The stock market has been volatile this last week, even dipping over 1,000 points the other day. Who's to blame[...]

Learn Who’s Really Holding Up Immigration Reform

So President Trump and President Obama were willing to work with congress to reform our immigration laws. But guess who[...]

Pres. Trump’s Top 10 GIFs

Check out our hilarious list of Pres. Trump's Top 10 GIFs!

See How Hillary Used The DNC Dossier To Play The FBI

See how Hillary Clinton used the Steele dossier to play the FBI!

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