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Is The Russia Probe McCarthyism? Watch Trump Jr.’s Comments

See what Donald Trump Jr. said about Robert Mueller, the Russia probe, and McCarthyism!

Did The FISA Memo Exonerate Pres. Trump?

Did the bombshell FISA memo exonerate Pres. Trump and his associates for collusion? Vote in our CBC reader poll below!

Win A Trip To The National Association of Scholars Conference In Arizona!

You could win a free trip to the National Association of Scholars Conference in Arizona to learn more about Western[...]

Who Will Win Super Bowl 52?

The Super Bowl is upon us! 13 years after the Patriots won in Super Bowl XXXIX (39), will the defending[...]

CBC Weekly Roundup Jan. 29-Feb. 2

From Hillary's Grammys stunt to DACA to the FISA memo, conservatives have had a lot to talk about this week![...]

Why Did The Media Turn On Trump?

Why did the media turn on Trump? Find out the truth in our interview with Fox News media analyst Howard[...]

Movie Review: “Hostiles”

Is Christian Bale's new Western "Hostiles" worth watching? Read our review to find out!

Dems Looked Like Stone Statues At The State of the Union

Are the Dems taking a vacation on Easter Island? See how they looked like stone statues at Trump's State of[...]

Should Pres. Trump Declassify The FISA Memo?

Should Pres. Trump declassify Rep. Devin Nunes' controversial FISA memo? Vote in our CBC reader poll!

Was Trump’s 1st State of the Union Address His Best Speech Ever?

Was Pres. Trump's first State of the Union address his best speech ever? Vote in our CBC reader poll!

See The Juvenile Democrat Response To Trump’s State of the Union Speech

See how the Democrat Party childishly responded to Trump's State of the Union address!

7 Media Lies About The Trump Administration

The lying media refuses to tell the truth about the Trump administration! Learn 7 media lies about the Trump administration[...]

Will You Be Able To Win State of the Union Bingo?

Tonight, Pres. Trump will deliver his first State of the Union address to Congress. We've found a great bingo game[...]

Is Trump Wrong To Consider Citizenship For “Dreamers”?

Is a path to citizenship for 1.8 million illegal "Dreamers" the same as amnesty? See Michael Ramirez's cartoon to find[...]

See Donald Trump Jr.’s Amazing Response To Hillary’s Grammys Stunt!

See how Donald Trump Jr. responded to Hillary Clinton's anti-Trump Grammys stunt!

Did Hillary Clinton’s Grammys Stunt Prove She’s A Sore Loser?

You won't believe what Hillary Clinton pulled at the Grammys! Does this stunt prove Hillary Clinton is a sore loser?[...]

What Is Western Civilization? Find Out Here

What is Western civilization, and why is it important to conservatives? Sign up for the National Association of Scholars conference[...]

After “Losing” 5 Months Of Texts, Is It FBI or FIB?

The FBI somehow lost 5 months worth of text messages relating to agents Strzok and Page. Is it still the[...]

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