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Has Trump Made America Great Again Already?

Do recent employment numbers and 228,000 new jobs prove that America is already great again? Vote in our CBC reader[...]

CBC Weekly Roundup: Dec. 4-8

This week in conservatism, national security and foreign policy dominated both news and conservative books! Learn more in our Weekly[...]

Movie Review: “Mudbound”

Netflix's WWII-era movie "Mudbound", dealing with race and poverty in the South, has gotten lots of awards buzz. Read our[...]

The Top 5 Dumbest Liberal Books of 2017

Liberals melted down in 2017, engaging in months of tantrums, riots, and unceasing media slander. Check out our list of[...]

Where Should The U.S. Embassy In Israel Be Located?

Pres. Donald Trump has made a huge move -- moving the US Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem,[...]

See How Tax Cuts Set Our Economy Free

The American economy is like a majestic bald eagle -- and now, thanks to tax cuts, it will be free[...]

ABC’s Brian Ross Is The Definition Of FAKE NEWS!

ABC News' Brian Ross has been suspended a month for his false report on Gen. Michael Flynn. See the cartoon[...]

Will Michael Flynn Betray Pres. Trump?

Will Gen. Michael Flynn take a plea deal in the Mueller investigation and betray Pres. Trump? Vote in our CBC[...]

This Week In Conservative Books: Nov. 27-Dec. 1

This week in conservative books, we've got the Chinese threat, the origins of Hitler's evil, Milo Yiannopoulos' next book, and[...]

Movie Review: “Lady Bird”

Is "Lady Bird", a new coming-of-age movie starring Saoirse Ronan as a precocious Catholic schoolgirl, worth the Oscar hype? Read[...]

Should Kate Steinle’s Killer Have Been Convicted For Murder?

The Kate Steinle murder trial has reached an outrageous conclusion. Mexican citizen and illegal immigrant Garcia Zarate was acquitted of[...]

Should The Senate Pass The Tax Cut Bill?

Should Mitch McConnell and the Senate GOP pass the tax cut bill? Vote in our CBC reader poll!

Michael Savage Searches for God’s Meaning in Life

"God, Faith, and Reason" is a raw glimpse into Michael Savage’s journey of faith...

See Which Hollywood Creeps Are In The Unemployment Line!

Hollywood is finally getting cleaned out of all the creeps and weirdos, from Matt Lauer to Harvey Weinstein to Kevin[...]

All of Hollywood Is On Santa’s Naughty List This Year!

Santa's naughty list must be miles long by now, what with all the sexual harassers in Hollywood and Congress. See[...]

The Conservative Movement’s Leading Historian

The conservative movement's leading historian, Dr. Lee Edwards, discusses his new autobiography book, "Just Right: A Life in Pursuit of[...]

Will Kate Steinle Finally Receive Justice?

The Kate Steinle murder trial is still ongoing, with the jury in deliberation. Cartoonist Michael Ramirez has a great point[...]

Congress Won’t Pardon The Corporate Tax Turkey

The corporate tax turkey may have thought it escaped Thanksgiving unscathed, but the GOP Congress has other plans! See Michael[...]

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