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Movie & TV Reviews

“Turn” Offers Up Stars, Stripes and Spies

AMC's "Turn" astutely combines spy noir with the American Revolution, dramatizing the real stories of the secret spies that helped[...]

Movie Review: Money Monster Is An Issue-Driven Movie With Preachy Overtones

The new George Clooney, Julia Roberts movie eschews Wall Street excess and provides an old-fashioned, issue-driven storyline.

New ‘Captain America’ Movie Delivers Unapologetic Defense of American Sovereignty

"Captain America: Civil War" is an instant superhero movie classic exploring the relationship between the individual and the state.

Love Superheroes? Check Out Netflix’s “Daredevil’!

Marvel's "Daredevil", which runs on Netflix, uses its superhero setting to ask "how far would you go for your ideals"[...]

“Batman v Superman” Is Crippled By A Kryptonite Script

"Batman v Superman" offers up the showdown superhero fans have wanted for years -- but the movie is crippled by[...]

Movie Review: “The Young Messiah”

"The Young Messiah" offers a look into Jesus' childhood and the experiences that formed him into the Messiah. An excellent[...]

“Risen” Movie Review: The Resurrection Through Roman Eyes

For Lent, check out "Risen" -- a new movie that portrays the miracle of the Resurrection of Christ through the[...]

“The Big Short” Proves Hollywood’s Big Liberal Bias

"The Big Short" is big on entertainment and cinematic quality, but short on proper examinations of liberal government's role in[...]

Movie Review: The Revenant – A Tale of Betrayal, Revenge, and Redemption

The Revenant (starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy) is a haunting beauty of a film, generating four Golden Globe nominations[...]

“13 Hours” Brings Benghazi Truths To Big Screen (Movie Review)

Michael Bay's "13 Hours" offers up entertainment -- and a stinging indictment of the Obama administration's handling of the Benghazi[...]

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