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Movie & TV Reviews

Movie Review: “Arrival”

"Arrival" is the latest in the "first contact with aliens" genre of sci-fi movies. Can it live up to "2001:[...]

Movie Review: “Hacksaw Ridge”

Is Mel Gibson's new WWII war movie, "Hacksaw Ridge", the best movie of the year? Read our review to learn[...]

Movie Review: Doctor Strange

"Doctor Strange" is the latest addition to the Marvel Universe. Read our review to see how this magical hero will[...]

Movie Review: “Inferno”

"Inferno" is the latest Dan Brown novel adaptation to hit theaters, directed by Ron Howard and starring Tom Hanks as[...]

Movie Review: “The Girl On The Train”

"The Girl On The Train", based on Paula Hawkins' bestselling novel, is coming to theaters! Read our review to learn[...]

Movie Review: “The Magnificent Seven”

Does the new remake of the 1960 classic Western "The Magnificent Seven" live up to the original? Read our review[...]

Movie Review: “Snowden”

Read our review of Oliver Stone's latest controversial movie about the infamous data-leaker Edward Snowden!

Don’t Be A Stranger — Check Out “Stranger Things”!

Netflix's "Stranger Things" offers up paranormal plotlines and sci-fi suspense, appealing both to genre veterans and total newbies.

Stephen Baldwin Stars in Pro-Life Film “Scarlett”

Stephen Baldwin stars in a new pro-life feature film, "Scarlett." The movie will be arriving in theaters on September 2,[...]

Does The New “Ben-Hur” Match Up To The 1959 Classic?

Does the new "Ben-Hur" remake match up to the 1959 classic? Does it have enough religious themes to appeal to[...]

Plot Problems Paralyze “Suicide Squad”

Plot problems and questionable editorial decisions prevent "Suicide Squad" from living up to its entertaining potential.

Movie Review: “Jason Bourne” Is Back And Better Than Ever

"Jason Bourne" revives the Bourne franchise with the same high-stakes plots, high-octane action and high-intelligence characters that audiences have come[...]

Finding Tolerance Through “Finding Dory”

"Finding Dory", the sequel to Pixar's hit "Finding Nemo", offers entertainment while teaching kids a valuable lesson about accepting people[...]

“Star Trek Beyond” Goes Where Summer Movies Have Gone Before

"Star Trek Beyond" offers a typical, middling summer flick, ditching the philosophical inclinations of Roddenberry's series for a campier, shallower[...]

Dinesh D’Souza Demolishes Democrat Deceit In “Hillary’s America”

Dinesh D'Souza destroys Democrat delusions in "Hillary's America", offering a step-by-step overview of their racist, deceitful history. People who wanted[...]

If You See A Ghost, Don’t Call The New “Ghostbusters”

Despite claims that angry fans are just sexists, "Ghostbusters" offers a weak script and thin plot -- proving that the[...]

Is Spielberg’s “The BFG” Too Wholesome For Modern Hollywood?

Steven Spielberg's "The BFG" offers a tale of goodness and kind deeds straight out of the Reagan era. But is[...]

“Me Before You” Has Me-First Approach To Suicide

The movie "Me Before You" brands itself as a romance, but ultimately showcases the repulsive, me-first selfishness behind euthanasia-assisted suicide.

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