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Guess Who Ivana Trump Voted for in 2016? (Exclusive Interview with Ivana Trump)

In a special exclusive author interview with Ivana Trump, she reveals who she voted for in the 2016 presidential election,[...]

Check Out The Science Thriller You Need To Read This Summer (Interview: Michael Guillen)

This summer has so many great books to choose from -- but none offer as much science-packed action as Michael[...]

Paul Kengor’s Top 13 Books About Ronald Reagan

In this exclusive author interview, we asked former Professor Paul Kengor which books on Ronald Reagan he thought every conservative should […]

Newt Gingrich’s Top 5 Books Every Conservative Should Read

In this exclusive author interview, we asked former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich which 5 books he thought every[...]

Phil Robertson Interview About Obama’s Gun Control Proposals Post-San Bernardino

Phil and Kay Robertson discuss their new book and their take on President Obama's new gun control proposals that would[...]

Unlocking Old Testament Secrets (Interview: David Limbaugh)

CBC's feature author podcast interview with bestselling author, David Limbaugh, about his new book, "The Emmaus Code: Finding Jesus in[...]

Ben Carson Reveals Stabbing Incident That Changed His Life (Author Interview)

Dr. Carson discusses his new book, while also revealing the stabbing incident that changed his life forever at age 14![...]

How Do You Stop Liberal Lies On Campus? (Author Lawrence Reed)

CBC contributor Jacqueline Isaacs interviews Lawrence Reed, President of the Foundation for Economic Education, about his book "Excuse Me, Professor"[...]

Podcast Author Interview with Mark Levin!

National talk radio host and #1 bestselling author, Mark Levin, sits down with CBC for our first podcast interview about[...]

Who Is the “Relentless” 2016 GOP Presidential Candidate? (Author Interview: Wayne Allyn Root, Part 2)

This is Part 2 of CBC's exclusive author interview with Wayne Allyn Root. Learn more about his new book and[...]

Guess What Ted Cruz’s Favorite Movie Is? (Author Interview)

Find out what Sen. Cruz's favorite movie is and where he gets his news primarily from in our exclusive Author[...]

“Getting Real” with Gretchen Carlson (Author Interview)

Gretchen Carlson, the Fox News host and former Miss America pageant winner, discusses her new book and funniest moments on[...]

Interview with Editor of “The Dadly Virtues” (Jonathan Last)

Have you gotten Dad a gift for Father's Day yet? For some ideas, read our interview with Jonathan Last, editor[...]

Has China Eclipsed America as World’s Superpower? (Author Interview with Dr. Michael Pillsbury)

CBC exclusively interviews Dr. Michael Pillsbury, an expert on US-China relations and was once responsible for implementing the "Reagan Doctrine."

Who Does Sarah Palin Like For 2016? (Author Interview)

Want to know which 2016 GOP presidential candidate Sarah Palin likes best? Then listen to our exclusive podcast author interview[...]

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