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You Won’t Believe Rush Limbaugh’s New Theory About Obama, Hillary and Russia

"What if Obama knew Putin was trying to elect Trump and didn’t do anything to stop the Russians because he[...]

Trump’s Been Exonerated — Will The Media Repent? See What Rush Limbaugh Had To Say

"I’m just telling you that Trump has been fully exonerated of everything you think, based on the media, he did.[...]

Is The Swamp Being Drained? Rush Limbaugh Has A Warning For Mike Pence and Donald Trump

"You guys were sent there to drain the swamp. There’s a clear Trump agenda that just isn’t seeable. It’s not[...]

Was Bill O’Reilly The Victim Of Liberal Smears? You Need To Read What Rush Limbaugh Said

"Why do The New York Times break the story? Out of the blue they want to do a story on[...]

Rush Limbaugh Explains Why Libs Blame Russia

"Nothing Russia did created this arrogance. Nothing Russia did created this willful blindness Democrats and the media have about Trump's[...]

Rush Limbaugh Rips Anti-Trump Sabotage!

"Folks, from the moment that Donald Trump won the election, back in November, there have been leaks, illegal leaks, that[...]

VIDEO: Listen To Rush Limbaugh’s Take On The 1st Debate!

"She looked out of it. She looked rattled. She looked like she wasn't prepared for the way Trump was behaving[...]

You Need To Hear What Rush Limbaugh Said About NFL QB Colin Kaepernick

"The Cowboys won't be honoring the cops there and elsewhere, but Kaepernick can do whatever he's doing to plaudits, to[...]

Is the GOP Establishment Conservative? See What Rush Limbaugh Has To Say!

"The establishment not wanting outsiders, not wanting conservatives is not new... They were this way with Ronald Reagan before Reagan[...]
Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh: Kirsten Powers Is “Gutsy”

Rush Limbaugh defended liberal author Kirsten Powers on his radio show, calling her “gutsy” for exposing liberal intolerance in her […]

VIP BONUS Episode – “One Last Thing” with David Limbaugh As He Discusses “Growing Up Limbaugh”!

Listen to our exclusive bonus podcast interview with David Limbaugh as he talks about growing up in the Limbaugh household! [...]

Ep. 38 – David Limbaugh Interview: How Did the Early Christian Church Form?

Our friend David Limbaugh is back in the CBC studios to discuss his new book, Jesus is Risen: Paul and[...]

David Limbaugh’s Top 5 Favorite Books Every Conservative Should Read

David Limbaugh, brother of Rush Limbaugh, is a bestelling author of Christian apologetics -- including The Emmaus Code and the[...]

Rush & O’Reilly Children’s Books Address Lack of Civics and Civility

WASHINGTON, DC – Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly are back with two children’s books to teach children about US history and […]

Rush Revere Dethrones O’Reilly’s Killing Reagan After Five Weeks at No. 1

After a stunning five-week run atop the Conservative Bestseller List, Rush Limbaugh’s Rush Revere and the Star-Spangled Banner dethroned Bill[...]

Limbaugh Says: Obama Hates Conservatives More Than ISIS

"Barack Obama's No. 1 enemy is the Republican Party, and the conservative movement... but when you get ISIS on the[...]

Limbaugh Brothers Dominate Conservative Bestseller List

The dynamic duo of this week’s Conservative Bestseller List are the Brothers Limbaugh - both landing a total of three[...]

Unlocking Old Testament Secrets (Interview: David Limbaugh)

CBC's feature author podcast interview with bestselling author, David Limbaugh, about his new book, "The Emmaus Code: Finding Jesus in[...]

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