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Political Cartoons

Democrats: A Show About Nothing

The Democrats are desperate to tie Trump to Russia -- but they have nothing to show for it! See the[...]

Neil Gorsuch vs. Democrat Clowns

Neil Gorsuch isn't facing sober statesmen in his confirmation hearings -- he's facing Democrat clowns! See the cartoon for more!

Is “Ryancare” The Biggest Flop Ever?

Is "Ryancare", the American Health Care Act, one of the biggest flops of all time? See the cartoon to find[...]

Radical Islamists Are The New “British Invasion”

Radical Islamic terrorists are the new "British Invasion" as proven by this week's terror attacks in London. See the cartoon[...]

Neil Gorsuch Is Dunking On Childish Democrats

Neil Gorsuch is making slam-dunks against childish Democrat hysterics in his confirmation hearings. See the cartoon!

Are Trump’s Russian Ties Weighing Him Down?

Are Pres. Trump's ties to Russia an albatross around his neck? See the cartoon to find out!

See Who’s Undermining Trump’s Presidency

Who in the government is trying undermine Trump's presidency? The answer may surprise you -- see the cartoon to find[...]

Should Trump Cut Funding To Public Television?

Trump's budget includes cuts to funding for PBS and programs like "Sesame Street". Do you think Trump should cut funding[...]

You Won’t Believe How Much Pres. Trump Pays In Taxes

Rachel Maddow served up a big nothing burger when she "revealed" Trump's tax returns. What you won't believe is how[...]

Is The Government Violating The Fourth Amendment?

Is the government violating the 4th Amendment by spying on American citizens? See the cartoon to find out!

Is Trump Bugging Obama?

Pres. Trump has accused Obama of wiretapping him -- is he bugging Obama? See the cartoon to find out!

Trump Paints A Picture Of His Healthcare Plan

Pres. Trump continues to paint a picture of his healthcare plan for the public. To see what the plan may[...]

Are Democrats Obsessed With Russia?

Are Democrats obsessed with Russia? See the cartoon to find out!

Is The CIA Spying On American Citizens?

Is the CIA spying on American citizens through phones, laptops and TVs? See the cartoon to learn the truth!

You Won’t Believe The Latest Obamacare Disaster

Obamacare is crashing like the Hindenburg -- you won't believe the latest disaster! See the cartoon to learn more...

Is The GOP Healthcare Plan Just A Bandaid?

Is the GOP healthcare plan just a band-aid for a larger wound? See the cartoon and tell us what you[...]

Free Enterprise Is Going Boldly Where No One Has Gone Before

Thanks to Trump, the Dow Jones and the "starship" Free Enterprise are going where no one has gone before! See[...]

Dim Dems Should Investigate Chuck Schumer Over Russia!

Donald Trump tweeted out a picture explaining Democrat hypocrisy and why its Chuck Schumer that should be investigated...

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