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Political Cartoons

If Hillary Wins, Will She Ensure Corruption Lasts Forever?

If Hillary wins, will American government be corrupt forever? See the cartoon to find out!

Is The Rigged 3rd Presidential Debate 2-On-1?

Is the rigged 3rd presidential debate going to be 2-on-1 against Trump? See the cartoon to find out!

Is The Media Rigging The 3rd Debate For Hillary?

Is the mainstream media rigging the 3rd debate for Hillary Clinton? See the cartoon to find out!

Happy Birthday Margaret Thatcher!

Margaret Thatcher's birthday was this week -- see the meme to see why she could never be defeated!

Cartoon: See Why Mike Pence Is Proud To Stand With Trump

See why Mike Pence is proud to stand by Donald Trump!

Hillary Calls Trump Disgusting — Is She A Hypocrite?

Hillary Clinton has called Donald Trump and his behavior "disgusting" -- but her husband has done much worse! See the[...]

Has Trump Gone Too Far?

In light of Trump's recent comments about women, has Trump gone too far? Respond below and let us know!

Should Trump Drop Out and Be Replaced by Pence?

Comment below and let us know! In light of the recent audio leak of Donald Trump saying lewd things about[...]

Cartoon: Desperate Dems Only Have One Accomplishment In 8 Years

The world is on fire, the economy is in tatters -- but Democrats still have one accomplishment they try to[...]

Cartoon: Could Trump Beat “Clinocchio” In A Swordfight?

Could Donald Trump beat lying Hillary Clinton in a swordfight? See the cartoon to find out!

What Issues Will Mike Pence and Tim Kaine Stand On During VP Debate?

What issues -- and what scandals -- will Mike Pence and Tim Kaine use to support themselves during the debate?[...]

Here’s All The Ways Obama Has Made Us Less Safe

Obama may claim America is safer than ever, but his policies have destroyed our national security! Check out the cartoon[...]

Who Was The Biggest Loser Of 1st Presidential Debate?

Who was the biggest loser of the 1st presidential debate? See the cartoon to find out -- and tell us[...]

Cartoon: RIP Arnold Palmer

Put your golf flags at half mast, half lemonade, and half iced tea: golfing legend Arnold Palmer has passed way.[...]

What’s Crashing Harder? Hillary or Her Campaign?

Which is crashing harder: Hacking Hillary or her campaign? See the cartoon to find out!

What’s The Newest Terrorist T-Shirt?

What's the newest fashion trend for incompetent terrorists? See the cartoon to find out!

Did Terrorists Use Exploding Phones To Bomb NY and NJ?

Are phones the newest weapon in the jihadi arsenal? See the cartoon to learn more!

Cartoon: Check Out Donald Trump’s Upcoming Movie

Donald Trump has a movie coming out this year! See the cartoon to learn why Hillary thinks it'll be "deplorable"...

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