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Political Cartoons

See Why Truth Makes Hillary Short Circuit

George Washington couldn't tell a lie -- Hillary Clinton can't tell the truth! See the cartoon to see why truth[...]

Here’s How Hillary Serves The Saudis

Is Hillary Clinton nothing more than a servile shill for the interests of Arabian autocrats? See the cartoon to learn[...]

Why Won’t The Media Report Hillary’s Lies?

Why won't the liberal media report Hillary's lies rather than twisting Trump's words? See the cartoon to find out!

See Why Olympic Rowers Need Hazmat Suits

Why will Olympic rowers be wearing hazmat suits during competition? See the cartoon to find out!

Is Trump’s Campaign Unraveling?

Is Donald Trump's campaign unraveling -- or can he bounce back? See the cartoon to find out!

Is Trump’s Endorsement Good News For Paul Ryan?

Is Donald Trump's endorsement good news or bad news for Paul Ryan? See the cartoon to find out!

Cartoon: Shocking New Iran Deal Details!

Shocking new details have come out about the Iran deal! See the cartoon to learn how Hillary Clinton was involved!

See Sneak Peek Pics From “Clinton Cash” Graphic Novel

If you loved Peter Schweizer's bestselling expose Clinton Cash, you'll love Clinton Cash: A Graphic Novel! Check out our sneak[...]

Is Donald Trump’s Campaign On Fire?

Is Donald Trump's campaign on fire? See the cartoon to see who will help Trump douse the flames of controversy[...]

Why Won’t The Democrats Mention “Radical Extremists”?

Why won't the Democrats mention radical extremists? The reason may surprise you -- see the cartoon to find out!

Why Can’t Bill Clinton Remember The Late 90s?

Bill Clinton took America down memory lane in his DNC address, but he seems to have forgotten some pretty pertinent[...]

Will Crooked Hillary Cheat Her Way To Victory?

The crooked Clintons only have one way to seize power and win elections -- cheating! See the cartoon to see[...]

The DNC Should Put Their Emails On Hillary’s Server

The Democrat Party, and DNC chairwoman Debbie Wassermann Schultz, were humiliated by the WikiLeaks release of internal emails. Maybe next[...]

Hillary Tweets As The Democrats Bern!

Despite the critics, Trump unified his party. Hillary may disagree -- but she tweets as the Democrats bern down!

Guess Who Else Melania Trump Plagiarized?

You won't believe which other famous figures Melania Trump has plagiarized them! See the cartoon to figure it out!

See The GOP Elephant’s New Trump Tramp Stamp

The Republican National Convention is underway -- and the GOP elephant has a new tramp stamp! Check out the tat[...]

Here’s How Mike Pence Won The “VP America” Pageant

Mike Pence is Donald Trump's VP nominee! How did Pence win the "VP America" pageant? To find out, check out[...]

For Mike Pence, Being VP Is A “Shovel-Ready Job”!

Reports are saying that Mike Pence will be Trump's VP nominee -- a shovel-ready job! Check out the cartoon ...

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