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Author Interviews

New Charlie Brown Children’s Books (Author Interview: Tracy Stratford)

Are you a fan of Charlie Brown? Then listen to our exclusive podcast author interview with Tracy Stratford, the voice[...]

Will Putin Trigger World War 3? (Author Interview: Brad Taylor)

In bestselling novelist Brad Taylor's new thriller, "Ghosts of War," he addresses a real-life scenario in which Vladimir Putin triggers[...]

CBC Bombshell Interview with Secret Service Agent Revealing His Firsthand Experiences with Bill & Hillary Clinton

The mainstream media has refused to cover the bombshell revelations from Gary J. Byrne's new book, Crisis of Character: A[...]

What is the Future of Marriage? (Interview: Jim Daly – President, Focus on the Family)

Jim Daly is the President of Focus on the Family and maps out the future of traditional marriage in the[...]

Dana Loesch Destroys Liberals Once Again (Author Interview)

Dana Loesch is back again with her second book titled, Flyover Nation: You Can't Run a Country You've Never Been[...]

Should Texas Secede From the US? (Author Interview: Bestselling Novelist Stephen Coonts)

In our exclusive one-on-one podcast author interview with bestselling novelist Stephen Coonts, he discusses his first overtly political book, Liberty's[...]

“Clueless” Actress Stacey Dash’s Exclusive CBC Author Interview

In our exclusive podcast author interview with famed Hollywood actress Stacey Dash, we discuss her new book, "There Goes My[...]

Exclusive Brad Thor Author Interview

CBC's exclusive podcast author interview with bestselling conservative novelist Brad Thor about his new book and his detailed a plan[...]

What is Conservatism? (Author Interview: Dr. George H. Nash)

In our in-depth exclusive podcast author interview with conservative historian Dr. George H. Nash, he discusses the intellectual roots of[...]

How Sen. Mitch McConnell Really Feels About Donald Trump (Author Interview)

In our exclusive podcast author interview with Sen. McConnell, he tells us how he overcame polio at a young age,[...]

Eric Bolling Dedicates New Book to — President Obama (Author Interview)

In our exclusive podcast author interview with Fox News Co-Host Eric Bolling he reveals why he dedicates his first book[...]

“Fueling” Freedom Against the Crazy “Green” Left (Author Interview: Stephen Moore)

In a sharp rebuke of the radical left environmentalist agenda, famed writer and Heritage Foundation scholar Stephen Moore delivers the[...]

Broken But Unbowed (Author Interview: TX Gov. Greg Abbott)

In a remarkable journey from being paralyzed at the age of 26 to becoming governor of the state of Texas,[...]

What is “Reform Conservatism”? (Author Interview: Yuval Levin)

Learn about the Reform Conservative movement by listening to our exclusive podcast author interview with Yuval Levin, author of the[...]

Washington & Hamilton – The Alliance That Formed America (Author Interview: Stephen F. Knott & Tony Williams)

In a gripping new look at the important relationship between American founders George Washington and Alexander Hamilton, Stephen F. Knott[...]

How Teddy Roosevelt Can Make America Great Again

Fox News contributor Pete Hegseth sits down with CBC to discuss his new book, "In the Arena". Take a listen[...]

What America’s Revolution Can Teach Us About Modern Warfare (Author Interview: Derek Beck)

Author and filmmaker, Derek Beck,is our exclusive author interview this week! He is the author of "Igniting the American Revolution:[...]

How One Outnumbered Group Of American Troops Beat The Taliban Against All Odds

In one of the most moving author interviews the Conservative Book Club has ever done, we interviewed Clinton Romesha –[...]

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