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Author Interviews

What Are The 7 Secrets To “Relentless” Success? (Author Interview Part 1: Wayne Allyn Root)

Successful businessman, political leader, and former Vice Presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party, Root explains his secrets for success.

Does America Owe Richard Nixon An Apology? Author Geoff Shepard Says So

Former Nixon Deputy Defense Counsel defends Nixon after uncovering documents that shine a new light on the infamous Watergate Scandal.

Do Conservatives Need a “Heart”? (Author Interview: Arthur Brooks, AEI President)

CBC interviewed Dr. Arthur Brooks, author of "The Conservative Heart." He is currently President of the esteemed, conservative American Enterprise[...]

The Threat of Radical Islam In the US and Abroad (Author Interview: Brad Taylor)

Author Interview with serial novelist, Brad Taylor, on the dangers of Radical Islam here in the US and the threat[...]

Richard Nixon – Hero or Villain? (Author Interview with Tim Weiner)

CBC interviews Tim Weiner, author of the new biography, "One Man Against the World: The Tragedy of Richard Nixon."

Guess What Ted Cruz’s Favorite Movie Is? (Author Interview)

Find out what Sen. Cruz's favorite movie is and where he gets his news primarily from in our exclusive Author[...]

The War on Marriage (Author Interview with Dr. Paul Kengor)

Exclusive author interview with Dr. Paul Kengor, author of "Takedown: From Communists to Progressives, How the Left Has Sabotaged Family[...]

“Conservative Heroes” Author Interview with Garland Tucker III

"Conservative Heroes" is about 14 Americans who pioneered the conservative movement all the way from the founding to Reagan.

“Getting Real” with Gretchen Carlson (Author Interview)

Gretchen Carlson, the Fox News host and former Miss America pageant winner, discusses her new book and funniest moments on[...]

Ann Coulter Exposes The Illegal Immigration Cabal

Read CBC's exclusive author interview with the fiery Ann Coulter about her new book on illegal immigration, "Adios America!"

Interview with Editor of “The Dadly Virtues” (Jonathan Last)

Have you gotten Dad a gift for Father's Day yet? For some ideas, read our interview with Jonathan Last, editor[...]

Has China Eclipsed America as World’s Superpower? (Author Interview with Dr. Michael Pillsbury)

CBC exclusively interviews Dr. Michael Pillsbury, an expert on US-China relations and was once responsible for implementing the "Reagan Doctrine."

What Would President Carly Fiorina Do On Day 1? We Asked Her!

CBC exclusively interviewed 2016 hopeful and author, Carly Fiorina. We ask about her time at Hewlett-Packard and what she would[...]

Interview with Author of “Drinking with the Saints”

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, CBC interviewed author, Michael P. Foley, This fun and irreverent guide intertwines saints, cocktails,[...]

The Fall and Rise of Bernie Kerik: From Prison to Redemption to Criminal Reform Advocate

CBC interviewed controversial former NYC Police Commissioner and author, Bernie Kerik, about his fall, rise, redemption and his fight for[...]

Exclusive Author Interview with Sen. Mike Lee

CBC Exclusive Author Interview with constitutional advocate, Sen. Mike Lee, discussing his new book, "Our Lost Constitution."

Exclusive Author Interview with Grover Norquist

Interviewed Americans for Tax Reform President, Grover Norquist, to discuss new book - "End the IRS Before It Ends Us."

Exclusive Author Interview with Dennis Prager

In light of the Easter/Passover celebrations, CBC interviewed Dennis Prager about his new book - "The Ten Commandments"

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