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Author Interviews

The Untold Story of America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer (Author Interview)

America's most prolific serial killer is finally documented in this true crime story of abortion, murder, and massive cover up.[...]

Why Trump Won: Interview With Breitbart’s Joel Pollak

Why, and how, did Donald Trump win the 2016 presidential election? Joel Pollak, Senior Editor-at-Large for, has co-written an[...]

Arthur Laffer’s New Economics Book for Children (Author Interview)

Dr. Arthur Laffer, famed economist, and writer Michelle Balconi, discuss their new economics book -- for kids, in our exclusive[...]

Which Conservative Quotes Best Capture Christmas Spirit? (Interview with Jonathan Last)

Jonathan Last, author of "The Christmas Virtues", is back with another Christmas collection for conservatives to read and enjoy. Last[...]

Could North Korea Nuke America? (Interview: J.A. Davis)

Does North Korea have the ability to launch a nuclear attack on America? Is America prepared to stop such an[...]

Interview with Fox News’ James Rosen About Bill Buckley

James Rosen, Fox News' Chief Washington Correspondent and bestselling author discusses his new book, "A Torch Kept Lit: Great Leaders[...]

Did A Cuban Spy Kill JFK? (Author Interview: Robert Wilcox)

Was JFK actually killed by a Cuban spy? Read our interview with Robert Wilcox, author of "Target: JFK", to learn[...]

Was Jesus Adopted? (Interview: Paul Batura)

Adopted children have changed the world. We interviewed Paul Batura, author of "Chosen For Greatness", about adoption and his book.[...]

Here’s How Obama Prolonged The War On Terror (Interview: James Kitfield)

How did Obama weaken counter-terrorism in the Middle East and prolong the War on Terror? We asked James Kitfield, national[...]

Are Our Schools Doing Enough To Teach American Values? (Interview: Callista Gingrich)

Are the nation's schools doing enough to teach patriotism and American values to our children? We asked Callista Gingrich, wife[...]

One-on-One Interview with Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich not only has taken on Megyn Kelly, but also radical Islamicists in his new novel, Treason! Learn about[...]

Guess What Brian Kilmeade’s Next US History Book Is About? (Interview: Brian Kilmeade)

Fox News' Brian Kilmeade, bestselling author of "Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates: The Forgotten War that Changed American History,"[...]

Are Liberals Destroying The Catholic Church From Within?

Are liberals destroying the Catholic Church from within? Read our interview with John Zmirak, author of "The Politically Incorrect Guide[...]

America Has Already Had A Woman President

America has already had a woman President! Find out who it was in our author interview with William Hazelgrove about[...]

Learn The Politically Incorrect Truth About Jihad (Interview: William Kirkpatrick)

Learn the politically incorrect truth about jihad liberals don't want you to know!

Is Pakistan America’s Friend or Foe? (Interview: Kyle Mills, for Vince Flynn)

Should Pakistan be trusted as an ally of the US? Is Russia really a "paper tiger?" Learn all about it[...]

William F. Buckley – A Profile of the Most Consequential Conservative (Interview: Heather Hendershot)

In a fresh take on William F. Buckley, Jr., the preeminent leader of the early conservative movement, author Heather Hendershot[...]

Could Japan Have Invaded In WWII? (Author Interview: Bill Yenne)

Was America prepared for a Japanese invasion of the West Coast in WWII? Read our interview with historian Bill Yenne,[...]

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