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Author Interviews

Ed Klein Discloses Hillary’s Health Issues (Part 2 Interview)

In our exclusive Part 2 author interview with Ed Klein, he reveals what's really going on with Hillary Clinton's health,[...]

Ed Klein Reveals Bombshell Facts About Hillary FBI Investigation

In our "Part One" bombshell interview with author Ed Klein, he reveals stunning secrets about what really happened in the[...]

How “GOP GPS” Can Lead Conservatives To Millennial Votes (Interview with Evan Siegfried)

How can conservatives find Millennial voters? By using Evan Siegfried's "GOP GPS"! Siegfried talks to us about how the Republican[...]

The Last Testament Of Phyllis Schlafly

The late Phyllis Schlafly, first lady of the conservative movement, had one last message for America's conservatives: vote Trump! We[...]

Did JFK Start the Conservative Revolution? (Interview: Larry Kudlow & Brian Domitrovic)

Famed economist and CNBC host Larry Kudlow, and historian Brian Domitrovic discuss why they believe that JFK, and not Reagan,[...]

Was the “Progressive” Theodore Roosevelt Really a Conservative Hero? (Author Interview)

Contrary to libertarian criticism, Teddy Roosevelt was not liberal like Obama and others. Read our interview with Daniel Ruddy, author[...]

Meet Comic Book Legend Chuck Dixon (Adapted “Clinton Cash: Graphic Novel”)

Chuck Dixon is the lead adapter of the new bestselling graphic novel, Clinton Cash: A Graphic Novel - now the[...]

Tom Fitton and Judicial Watch Reveal Obama Admin. Scandals (Author Interview)

The man responsible for keeping the Obama Administration honest is Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch. In our exclusive author[...]

What Does “We The People” Mean?

What does "We The People" mean? CBC sits down with constitutional scholar Randy Barnett to talk about how the Left[...]

You Will Be Made to Care (Author Interview: Erick Erickson)

RedState founder and and author, Erick Erickson, sits down with CBC to discuss his more recent book, You Will Be[...]

A Brief History of the Cold War (Author Interview: Lee Edwards)

Dr. Lee Edwards, the Distinguished Fellow in Conservative Thought at The Heritage Foundation, is interviewed about his recent book, "A[...]

Here’s How You Can Arm Yourself Against Gun Control!

Congratulations John Lott on your new book The War on Guns: Arming Yourself Against Gun Control!  Tell us about your […]

Breitbart’s Joel Pollak Punctures Democrat Delusions

Democrats are delusional -- they can't handle the truth! Joel Pollak is an editor at, and the author of[...]

What is Conservatism? (Author Interview: Jonah Goldberg)

Bestselling author and National Review senior editor jonah Goldberg discusses his update to legendary conservative fusionist Frank Meyer's seminal classic[...]

Have A Drink With America’s Greatest Leaders (Author Interview: Mark Will-Weber)

Have you ever wanted to have a drink with your favorite American leader? Read our interview with Mark Will-Weber, author[...]

Exclusive Dinesh D’Souza Interview About New Hillary Book and Movie

Famed bestselling author and documentary filmmaker Dinseh D'Souza sits down exclusively with CBC to discuss his explosive new book and[...]

The Problem with Socialism (Author Interview: Thomas DiLorenzo)

With the DNC convention about to kick off this week, let us remind ourselves about "The Problem with Socialism" with[...]

Could Terrorists Strike America From South of the Border? (Author Interview: Scott McEwen)

Could the next terrorist attack on America come from Mexico? We asked Scott McEwen, author of the new book "Ghost[...]

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