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Mike Gallagher Endorsed The Conservative Book Club

Salem Radio's Mike Gallagher has endorsed the Conservative Book Club! See the meme -- and make sure to listen to[...]

CBC Editor on the Mike Gallagher Show

CBC Editor Chris Malagisi joined The Mike Gallagher Show for a second week discussing Ben Carson’ meteoric rise on the Conservative Bestseller […]

NEW: CBC Bestseller List Breakdown On Mike Gallagher’s Show

CBC has a new weekly segment with Salem radio host Mike Gallagher. Our segment will be every Thursday at 10:45-11am.[...]

Mike Gallagher Endorses The Conservative Book Club!

Salem Media radio host and author Mike Gallagher has endorsed the Conservative Book Club!

Episode #1 – Conservative Book Club Podcast: A Show Featuring Your Favorite Conservative Authors, Books, and Films

Check out the Conservative Book Club Podcast, a conversation about books, culture, and politics hosted by CBC Editor-in-Chief Christopher Malagisi!

See What Trump Said About Paul Ryan

"When I talk about the election being 'rigged,' it was just reported there are almost 2 million dead people who[...]

Controversial Former NSA Director’s New Book on Counterterrorism Skyrockets to No. 1 Spot

Former Gen. Michael Hayden's new book on counterterrorism discusses controversial policies at the NSA, Edward Snowden, and ideas to protect[...]

Progressives Attack Obama for Not Being Progressive Enough in New Bombshell Book

Believe it or not, there is a huge segment of the Democrat Party that feels President Obama is not progressive[...]

NYT Propagates Hit Piece On Koch Brothers

NYT promotes liberal author's new hit piece book on the Koch Brothers, giving it a blushing review and faux "nonpartisan"[...]

13 Hours Benghazi Books Takes Top Spot On Conservative Bestseller List

In a seismic shake up of the Conservative Bestseller List, new entry 13 Hours: The Inside Account on What Really[...]

13 Hours Book Lands On Conservative Bestseller List at No. 2

In a seismic shake up of the Conservative Bestseller List, new entry 13 Hours: The Inside Account on What Really[...]

Brian Kilmeade Dethrones Bill O’Reilly on Conservative Bestseller List

With a new year comes a new No. 1 bestseller dethroning Bill O’Reilly’s record run at the top of the[...]

Donald Trump Regains Top Tier Position on Conservative Bestseller List

After being stuck in the middle of the pack for several weeks, Donald Trump inches his way back to the[...]

Donald Trump’s New Book “Crippled America” Lands Atop Ben Carson’s Book on Conservative Bestseller List

n its release week, Donald Trump’s new book, Crippled America: How to Make America Great Again (No. 3), lands above[...]

Rush Revere Dethrones O’Reilly’s Killing Reagan After Five Weeks at No. 1

After a stunning five-week run atop the Conservative Bestseller List, Rush Limbaugh’s Rush Revere and the Star-Spangled Banner dethroned Bill[...]

Roger Stone’s “The Clintons’ War on Women” Rounds Out Conservative Bestseller List

In light of Hillary’s strong debate performance and Vice President Joe Biden deciding against a run for the Democrat presidential[...]

The Return of Dinesh D’Souza

The prolific political writer and documentarian returns after his eight month confinement sentence ends with a new book on the[...]

Limbaugh Brothers Dominate Conservative Bestseller List

The dynamic duo of this week’s Conservative Bestseller List are the Brothers Limbaugh - both landing a total of three[...]

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