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Member of the Week: Jacqueline Otto Isaacs (Fellow, American Studies Program)

CBC Member of the Week, Jacqueline Isaacs, works at the intersection of faith and public policy at the American Studies[...]

Member of the Week: Maritza Lizama (Co-Founder of LiMon LLC)

Our CBC Member of the Week is Maritza Lizama, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Strategist for LiMon, LLC. She also works[...]

Member of the Week: Gregory Dallas (CBC Fall Intern)

This week's Member of the Week -- and CBC's new Fall 2015 Intern -- is Greg Dallas, a recent graduate[...]

Member of the Week: Tory McClintock (GWU Chair, Young America’s Foundation)

Meet our CBC Member of the Week, Tory McClintock, President of the Young America's Foundation chapter at George Washington U.[...]

Member of the Week: Jarrett Stepman (Editor,

Our CBC Member of the Week is Jarrett Stepman, Editor at - one of the most successful news outlets[...]

Member of the Week: Gus Portela (Executive Director, College Republicans)

Our CBC Member of the Week is Gus Portela, Executive Director of the College Republican National Committee.

Member of the Week: Ashley Dobson (Editor, Red Alert Politics)

CBC's Member of the Week is Ashley Dobson, Editor of the Millennial-focused Red Alert Politics and runs the conservative 30[...]

Member of the Week: Caleb Bonham (Editor in Chief, Campus Reform)

Caleb Bonham, Editor-in-Chief of Campus Reform (The Leadership Institute), produces some of the funniest videos out there exposing the Left.

Member of the Week: Alison Howard (Dir. of Alliance Relations, Alliance Defending Freedom)

While most young people are in favor of same-sex marriage, Alison Howard (Alliance for Defending Freedom) unabashedly believes in promoting[...]

Member of the Week: Lauren Bouton (Alumni Relations Specialist, Koch Institute)

Lauren Bouton is our CBC Member of the Week and works at the Charles Koch Institute and previously worked for[...]

CBC’s 1st Expatriate Member of the Week: Sarah Smith Elliott (UK)

Sarah Smith Elliott currently works at the American European Business Association, and previously worked for ATR and AFP!

Member of the Week: Keith Urbahn (President, Javelin)

Keith Urbahn, President of Javelin - a leading book public relations firm, and former speechwriter for Hon. Donald Rumsfeld, is[...]

Member of the Week: Katie Engdahl Vernuccio (State Policy Network’s Generation Liberty)

Katie Engdahl Vernuccio currently manages the State Policy Network's Generation Liberty Fellowship program, and previously worked at Americans for Prosperity.

Member of the Week: Regis Giles (Owner, Girls Just Wanna Have Guns)

Regis Giles talks about empowering women and the 2nd Amendment, and her politico family, including Doug Giles (father) and Hannah[...]

Member of the Week: Raffi Williams (Deputy Press Secretary, RNC)

Raffi Williams, son of Fox News' Juan Williams, discusses his Republican politics, RNC job, and debates at family dinners!

Member of the Week: Patrick Coyle (Vice President, Young America’s Foundation)

Patrick Coyle is the Vice President of Young America's Foundation, one of the leading conservative youth organizations in America.

Member of the Week: Amy Frederick (President, 60 Plus Association)

Amy Frederick is certainly a rising star within the DC scene running the 60 Plus Association as its president, the[...]

Member of the Week: Lori Sanders (Outreach Director, R Street Institute

Lori Sanders is the Outreach Director & Senior Fellow at the R Street Institute and is CBC's Member of the[...]

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